In addition, the live video streaming market is anticipated to be worth $184.27 billion by 2027. When it comes to video marketing enterprises, however, free internet video hosting sites such as YouTube fall short.

Professional Online Video Platforms (OVPs) then enter the picture. These video solutions provide organizations with several advantages, including live streaming and monetization models as well as video marketing assistance. I will examine some of the most popular online video platforms you may check out in 2019 depending on who they are most suited for, their most notable features, and their cost.

I’ll also attempt to address any questions you may have with any kind of OVP.

What Are the Best Online Video Platforms?

Here is the list of the best online video platforms.

1. Uscreen


Image Source: Uscreen

Uscreen is an all-inclusive internet video platform that provides a comprehensive range of tools for monetising videos. Uscreen’s OVP offers both live streaming and video-on-demand capabilities (VOD). Using this video solution, you can properly manage and monetize all of your uploads.

Multiple styles, the option to add subtitles and captions, and even GIF overlays make personalization a breeze for marketers using this platform. From a single dashboard, you can also alter the playing speed, incorporate autoplay options, and handle worldwide payments.

Uscreen varies significantly from YouTube in that it does not rely on video advertisements for income. Instead, it enables you to construct your own subscription-based VOD service. Even individual videos may be sold on a pay-per-view basis.

Key Features:

  • Streaming video on demand
  • Pay-per-view and subscription-based monetization approach.
  • Web-based interface only.
  • Available for mobile platforms.
  • 24/7 help for customers.
  • Training-specific materials.
  • Upload in bulk functionality.
  • Share directly on social media.
  • Detailed reporting and analytics.


  • Basic Plan at $49/month
  • Amplify Plan at $399/month
  • Enterprise Plan at custom rates

2. Setplex


Image Source: Seyplex

Setplex has dominated the IPTV/OTT panel software market with its vast knowledge of the constantly evolving streaming sector. They continue to invest substantially in R&D to produce a viable solution, offering clients a competitive edge.

They want to be a market leader in software development by providing the finest user experience and superior customer service and support. They can fulfill all of your requirements, from hardware to software. Whether on-premises or in the cloud, they provide everything necessary for a full IPTV solution.

Their solutions enable you to monetize and provide the greatest possible user experience by providing a library of constantly updated and optimized features.

Key Features:

  • With decades of experience, the technology is intended to have your platform operational in less than twenty-four hours.
  • It provides an interface for administration that is meant to be simple and uncomplicated to use.
  • The product is extremely scalable on demand owing to the use of microservices architecture and docker containers.
  • Their middleware allows you to directly modify your apps’ user interfaces.


You’ll need to get in touch with Setplex in order to get a quote for your specific business.

3. Loom


Image Source: Loom

Loom is an excellent choice if you’re seeking for an online video platform with a broad range of capabilities. It allows users to record their webcam, screen, or both simultaneously. It also includes a video editor so that you may cut your films and add notes.

All of these capabilities are beneficial for distant teams and may be used to offer feedback or training without requiring everyone to be in the same location at the same time. Loom may help you communicate more successfully for team alignment, sales, engineering, design, marketing, or any other business-related purpose.

Key Feature:

  • Engagement insights give information on the performance of your videos. This includes the total number of views.
  • Additionally, you may include URLs in your videos. This is useful if you want to share a video while directing the recipient to an external URL.
  • Videos that are password-protected guarantee that only those with the password may watch the video. This is helpful for protecting sensitive or secret data.
  • SSO (SAML) and SCIM (Okta) empower corporate users with secure authentication and Single Sign-On.
  • You have precise control over who may see your movies and for how long.
  • Custom branding permits the addition of a company’s logo and colors to the
  • Loom platform. This is an excellent way to personalize it.


With a free edition that permits up to five minutes of recording each video, this is an excellent opportunity for users to see whether Loom is a good match.

The Business package offers limitless films, unlimited recording duration, unlimited producers, and more for an additional $8 per month.

There is also the Enterprise package, which provides enhanced administration and security for businesses who wish to lock things down even further. This is a customized plan, so please contact Loom for a price quotation.

4. Vimeo


Image Source: Vimeo

Vimeo is geared more towards professionals than social media-based video services such as YouTube and Dailymotion. This OVP began operating in 2004 and today serves more than ninety million professionals.

Vimeo’s versatility is its only edge over other internet video sites. Vimeo allows numerous bitrates, resolutions, and encodings for video files. The platform is completely ad-free, which significantly improves the watching experience. Vimeo also enables you to embed platform films on your website. Include limitless bandwidth, the option to download videos, and completely adjustable settings, and you have a comprehensive video hosting platform.

Key Features:

  • Capabilities for live broadcasting and screen recording.
  • Predetermined video layouts
  • A watching experience without ads.
  • Fully confidential video hosting.
  • Stock footage.
  • Customizable HTML5 video player.
  • Superior analytics
  • Mess-free collaboration tools

Vimeo is not only a wonderful tool for professional video makers, but also a sufficient platform for those who want to reach audiences through live streaming. With a few clicks, you may manage and share films using its range of simple but powerful features. Additionally, the business provides the opportunity to hire a professional videographer for your project. Even if you are not a video specialist, it is simple to hire one immediately via the site.


  • Basic Plan at $0/month
  • Plus Plan at $7/month
  • Pro Plan at $20/month
  •  Business Plan at $50/month
  • Premium Plan at $75/month

5. Wistia


Image Source: Wistia

Wistia is a video platform that focuses mostly on digital marketing. Their expertise is in offering a video experience on par with television, allowing your company to expand its audience.

Wistia is distinctive in that it helps web marketers gain leads and subscribers via the usage of video. Wistia allows you to make films for remarketing, target certain audience groups, and much more.

This OVP is well suited for delivering customised video experiences to clients in a variety of sectors. It lacks the potential for live broadcasting, which is the sole drawback. Additionally, it is quite costly and may not be ideal for extremely small firms.

Key Features:

  • Experience of rapid and high-quality playback.
  • Video player that is fully modifiable.
  • Tools for interactive video marketing
  • A completely ad-free experience.
  • Dedicated channels and autoplay functionality.
  • There are seamless interfaces with systems like Marketo and HubSpot.
  • Unrestricted audience and bandwidth.
  • Ability to distribute worldwide content.
  • Automatic SEO.
  • Tracking your audience and A/B testing.
  • Completely mobile-compatible.
  • Superior analytics


  • Free Plan at $0/Month
  • Pro Plan at $99/month
  • Advanced Plan at Custom Prices

What are Online Video Platforms?

Online video platforms are web-based systems that enable the uploading, hosting, and distribution of live and recorded video content. These platforms also provide companies with the option to monetise and sell their video content.

OVPs often have video players that are embeddable, allowing you to upload any number of videos to your website. Due of their cloud-based nature, they are accessible from anywhere. OVPs serve several sectors, ranging from education to entertainment.

Why Shouldn’t You Just Use YouTube?

This is the obvious question you should be asking, and I will try to address it below. YouTube is unquestionably the service that began the video revolution, and it continues to be one of the most influential participants in the business. However, as we have seen, there are other alternatives to YouTube.

Numerous providers, such as Kaltura and Sproutvideo, have joined the internet video industry. Each of these solutions appeals to distinct consumer and company demographics. Additionally, they provide exclusive toolkits for enhancing the video producing process.

As streaming platforms, the aforementioned services offer companies and individual producers several benefits. Paid OVPs enable you to target specialized audiences for more traction, while YouTube is mostly focused on the mass market.

A further benefit of OVPs over YouTube is that the revenue strategy does not rely only on advertisements. Using these platforms, you may provide users with subscription-based or pay-per-view pricing structures.

If you’re a firm that has to generate movies for internal training and communication, then confidentiality becomes a major concern. You cannot just post films to YouTube that include secret company information.

OVPs provide much superior security and privacy characteristics in this regard. Additionally, when you publish movies to these sites, you keep all ownership rights. There is no possibility of losing creative control over your work.

All of these elements make OVPs attractive solutions for organizations seeking to exploit the power of video. However, if you have any remaining questions, the next section should answer them.

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