Want to get straight to the finest staff training management software right now?

With the competition for top recruiting and talent acquisition rising, firms are more aware than ever of the critical nature of staff development and training. According to statistics, it takes a freshly hired employee between three and eight months to reach peak productivity.

However, with the assistance of the appropriate training management software, this process may be greatly accelerated.The correct software may assist managers in monitoring employee success and identifying areas for improvement.

Additionally, it can assist employees in meeting their training objectives and maximizing their growth prospects. With the growing popularity of learning management systems (LMSs), the correct training management software can seamlessly integrate with these platforms, providing employees with a more seamless training experience.

While you are not required to create an entirely new online course for new workers, you may use software to give dynamic and interesting training sessions.

I’ll examine some of the top training management software for employees in this post, allowing you to have a better understanding of what’s available and the capabilities offered by such software.

What Training Management Software is the best?

Let’s find out.

1. Thinkific

training managment software

Image Source: Thinkific

Thinkific is the finest training management software for people interested in developing online training courses based on their knowledge.

With the ability to construct unique eLearning courses, incorporate quizzes, and measure employee progress, Thinkific is a very effective tool for growing staff and ensuring they are always progressing in the correct direction in their careers.

Thinkific simplifies the process of controlling your employees’ growth from start to finish.

Additionally, the ability to build bespoke certificates and share extra courses with staff distinguishes this program as a standout option, allowing your firm to maintain the appropriate amount of flexibility.

Key Features:

  • The ability to conduct live classes enables interaction with employees.
  • Your work may be uploaded in whatever format you like.
  • Distribute quizzes randomly to assess employee comprehension.
  • Maintain an eye on staff engagement and growth.
  • The drip scheduling function enables you to gradually provide material without overloading your personnel.


  • Basic: $39 per month
  • Pro: $79 per month
  • Premier: $399 per month

2. GoToTraining

training managment software

Image Source: GoToTraining

GoToTraining is an excellent tool for creating virtual training sessions that workers can attend from anywhere in the world.

You can easily build and manage staff training programs using GoToTraining. With regular session reminders, you can automate your learners’ engagement and keep them on track.

Additionally, you may monitor employee growth and the success of your training programs. By issuing certificates of completion, you can ensure that your staff receive the training they require to succeed.

If you’re looking to expand your business and enter new areas, GoToTraining can assist you. With unmatched dependability and worldwide accessibility, you can teach your personnel regardless of their location.

Key Features:

  • Employees may access their training on the move with Android and iOS applications.
  • GoToMeeting license is included, allowing you to conduct live training sessions with employees located across the world.
  • 24/7 support is available if you require assistance with anything.
  • Registration management is used to keep track of which students are enrolled in which courses.
  • Polls, quizzes, and evaluations are simple to administer and provide quantitative data on the efficacy of your training programs.


After a seven-day trial period, the following price plans are available:

  • Starter: $109 /organizer /month, billed annually
  • Pro: $159 /organizer /month, billed annually
  • Plus: $314 /organizer /month, billed annually

3. Arlo

training managment software

Image Source: Arlo

Arlo enables you to grow your organization by providing training to key workers and field personnel. Arlo enables you to rapidly build and administer staff training programs in a manner that is convenient for all parties involved.

You may develop customized training programs, track employee progress, and assess training effectiveness. Additionally, if you despise the administrative procedure, you may automate and simplify it using Arlo.

This implies that you may automate the repetitious procedures associated with the training setup process. Arlo Training & Event Software is an excellent alternative for firms looking to save time and surpass sales objectives.

Key Features:

  • With built-in ecommerce and marketing capabilities, you can also use Arlo to boost sales and keep your staff informed about new goods and services.
  • Top-of-the-line course management capabilities that enable you to swiftly build and manage employee training.
  • Track employee development and evaluate the efficiency of your training
  • CRM connectors to consolidate employee data and have a better understanding of their behavior and performance.
  • A certification and licensing management tool enables you to swiftly and simply give certificates to staff.


  • Simple: $89 per license per month + $0.8 per free registration +$1.6 per paid registration
  • Professional: $159 per license per month + $0.8 per free registration + $1.6 per paid registration
  • Enterprise: $209 per license per month + $0.8 per free registration + $1.6 per paid registration

4. LearnDash

training managment software

Image Source: LearnDash

LearnDash was created to assist you in creating and managing online courses, making it a very effective tool for staff training.

This software is the appropriate tool for you if you wish to generate organized material, quizzes, and other assessment tools. Additionally, the capability to drip material guarantees that staff obtain training at their own speed.

Gamification is also incorporated, allowing you to reward employees with points, badges, and leaderboards. LearnDash is a complete training management system suited for most enterprises. It features many content layers, the ability to construct micro-courses, and an engaging user experience.

Key Features:

  • A thriving community ensures that you will always have assistance available when you need it.
  • Live webinars assist you in getting the most from the software.
  • A robust course builder that allows you complete control over all aspects of your courses.
  • Gamify your courses to guarantee that the training you give is not only consumed but also retained over time.


  • Basic: $159 per month
  • Plus: $189 per month
  • Pro: $329 per month

    There is also a 15-day money-back guarantee to ensure that you’re satisfied with the product.

5. TalentLMS

training managment software

Image Source: TalentLMS

TalentLMS is ideal for growing an inventive organization that is more structured and adaptable to a variety of educational demands.

Employees may easily discover the courses and training they require thanks to an accessible interface. With a solution that is ready to use from the start, you may bypass the installation and configuration phase and immediately begin using TalentLMS.

TalentLMS provides exceptional value for money, with capabilities that are often reserved for more costly software. Many people enjoy this learning platform because it corresponds to their teaching style.

Key Features:

  • With a focus on content and a large selection of themes, you can develop courses that look fantastic and are simple to follow.
  • Compliant with SCORM, cmi5, and xAPI standards, allowing you to assure compliance with applicable regulations.
  • Custom exams, surveys, and quizzes may be created using the assessments engine.
  • Learning pathways assist you in guiding your workers’ learning and ensuring they finish all essential training.


  • Free: $0 / month
  • Starter: $59 / month
  • Basic: $129 / month
  • Plus: $249 / month

What Are Training Management Software?

Occasionally referred to as learning management systems, these provide online learning via a variety of courses and classes. They often contain features such as tracking employee development and evaluating the efficacy of training.

This software may be an invaluable resource for firms looking to enhance their staff training programs. Businesses may take their training programs to the next level with the help of a strong training management system.

Difference Between Learning Management Systems And Training Management Software

A learning management system (LMS) is a computer program that is used to monitor, track, and report on training activities. An organization may utilize an LMS to manage staff training, monitor compliance with regulatory training obligations, or provide and evaluate e-learning programs.

By contrast, a training management software system (TMS) is a type of software application that is only dedicated to the administration of training courses and programs.

Typically, a TMS would contain functionality for handling course material, enrollments, evaluations, and certifications. Additionally, some TMSs have learning portals via which employees may access courses and complete tasks.

Given the contrast between these two types of systems, it is critical to select the tool that is most suited to your requirements. If you’re searching for a comprehensive solution that can be used to manage both employee learning and training, an LMS is a superior choice.

If controlling and delivering training courses is your major issue, a TMS is the superior solution. The good news is that many systems now combine the capabilities of each of the aforementioned.