Without online team collaboration and real-time communication technologies, it’s impossible to picture a contemporary workplace. These technologies include critical capabilities such as screen sharing, video conferencing, and video calls. That is why they are used by more than 90% of enterprises.

And when it comes to team communication software, Slack is often the first pick, with over 65% of users. However, the software’s emphasis has switched to enterprise-level clients after it went public.

Fortunately, there are several Slack options that may assist you in accomplishing your goals. Here is my list of the finest collaboration apps that you may use in place of Slack. I’ll provide a high-level review of their functioning, feature set, and price structure.

What Are The Best Slack Alternatives?

Let’s find out.

1. Rocket.Chat

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Image Source:  Rocket.chat

Rocket.chat is a unique service in that it combines various chat applications into a single interface. You can quickly access all your messages from social media channels such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram, and similar applications with this team chat software.

The program is totally open source, and you may adapt it to your specifications. You may clone Rocket.Chat from its GitHub source or install it on a cloud server of your choice. However, you would be mistaken to believe it is simply another team messaging software.

Rather than that, it serves as a sophisticated tool for encouraging cooperation. It integrates with an infinite number of applications through APIs and provides total control over the workspace. Rocket. Chat is a popular alternative to Slack for social media integration.

Key Features:

  • Individual and group chatting are available.
  • Channels both public and private.
  • It is available as a SaaS service or as a self-managed solution.
  • Simple integration of a chatbot.
  • Available on all major operating systems, including Linux.
  • Audio/video and screen sharing are available.
  • Storage and sharing of files.
  • Message history is searchable.
  • Integration of CRM with SMS.
  • Online ticketing and chat tag creation.
  • Emoji support.


Self-Managed Plans:

  • Pro plan at $3/user/month
  • Enterprise plan at custom pricing

SaaS Plans:

  • Bronze plan at $2/user/month
  • Silver plan at $4/user/month
  • Gold plan at custom pricing

2. Mattermost

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Image Source: Mattermost

If you’re a developer searching for a secure, open-source instant messaging system, Mattermost is your best option. This secure collaboration tool is utilized by huge organizations (for example, Intel) and even government entities in the United States.

Mattermost enables developers to design a bespoke communication platform for their teams. The program is optimized for DevOps operations and makes use of specialized channels for software bug identification and breach remediation.

Additionally, it enables real-time collaboration on coding and bug-testing. You may use the notifications hub to ensure that your work is coordinated with that of your teammates. It can also interface with task creation, assignment, and tracking applications like as JIRA.

Key Features:

  • Prioritization of tasks.
  • Notifications and reminders sent automatically.
  • There is no limit to the number of integrations.
  • Options for customized branding.
  • Sharing of images, links, and files.
  • Support for several languages.
  • Sharing a screen (through integrations).
  • Meeting scheduling and reminders.
  • There is no limit to the amount of slash instructions.
  • Accounts created by guests and user mentions.
  • Messages that are searchable.
  • Multiple platforms are supported (Windows/Mac/Android/iOS).


  • Self-managed Enterprise E0 at $0/user/month
  • Self-managed Enterprise E10 at $3.25/user/month
  • Self-managed Enterprise E20 at $8.50/user/month
  • Cloud Professional Plan at $10/user/month
  • Cloud Enterprise Plan at custom pricing

3. Fleep

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Image Source: Fleep

Fleep is a collaboration and team communication application that also incorporates project management tools. Fleep covers all aspects of team communication, from assignable tasks and pinboards to file and team administration.

This Slack alternative has a task-based UI that categorizes tasks into to-do lists, ensuring that no task is overlooked. However, I’ve discovered that when there are too many tasks open, the dashboard might seem a little crowded.

One of the distinctive aspects of Fleep’s project management software is that it is not restricted to internal team communication. You may also invite external members to a team chat, but they must first create an account on Fleep using their email addresses.

Key Features:

  • Dedicated pinboards for the purpose of highlighting critical information.
  • A taskboard is used to assign and manage assignments.
  • Conversations in groups and one-on-one.
  • Collaboration and task management.
  • File sharing, audio and video calls are all included.
  • Support for online, desktop, and mobile platforms.
  • Indicators and read receipts are written.
  • Updates on status and presence.
  • Slack, Trello, JIRA, Zapier, and Dropbox connectors are all simple.
  • Conversation histories that are searchable.


  • Basic Plan at $0/user/month
  • Business Plan at $5/user/month (billed annually)
  • Enterprise Plan at Custom Rates

4. Chanty

slack alternatives

Image Source: Chanty

Chanty is a rapidly expanding firm that specializes on assisting small companies with their communication requirements. It’s a real-time collaboration and group chat application, but it also includes a slew of additional functions.

This Slack alternative allows you to create tasks, assign them to team members, and conduct video conferences. I like the software’s clear design; it makes using it both simple and straightforward.

Chanty is best suited for small teams tasked with doing quick tasks. It enables the organization of lists and chat channels using searchable criteria such as functions, teams, and other searchable factors. This concentration on activities helps you to do more in less time.

Key Features:

  • Search powered by artificial intelligence.
  • To-do lists for both the team and individual members.
  • Task management is accomplished by the assignment, monitoring, and modification of tasks.
  • Team chat is available.
  • Boards kanban.
  • Archive of conversations.
  • Video conferencing and video chatting.
  • Integrations with Trello, Asana, and Google Drive are simple.


Chanty keeps things simple when it comes to price. It offers two pricing options: a Forever Free Plan for $0 per month and a Business Plan for $3 per user per month. The free plan has a maximum of ten users, whereas the commercial package includes all functions.

5. Flock

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Image Source: Flock

Flock is an online collaboration platform that enables real-time direct chat, audio and video conferencing, as well as the use of a variety of productivity tools. The design of the app aims to remove workplace distractions by offering a unified experience for all communication channels.

Along with team communication, Flock’s interface unifies all of your team collaboration and task management needs. Despite its breadth of functionality, the design is very sparse and focused on open conversations.

Additionally, it incorporates productivity features like as task lists, team votes, and project updates. You may generate tasks straight from communications, which helps you save time allocating work to team members.

Key Features:

  • Intelligent channels based on predefined parameters.
  • Note sharing inside the app.
  • Snippets of code and file sharing.
  • Video calls and video chat with a single click.
  • Voice memos and to-do lists.
  • Controls for administrators, authentication, and data retention.
  • Announcements that are only made in one direction.
  • Chat searching and direct message bookmarking.
  • Dark mode provides a more immersive visual experience.
  • Numerous integrations.


  • Starter Plan at $0/month
  • Pro Plan at $4.50/user/month
  • Enterprise Plan at custom rates