Want to learn more about the best POS (point-of-sale) systems for restaurants?

In a country where the typical individual spends more than 12% of their income on food, running a restaurant is not only incredibly lucrative, but also one of the most difficult businesses to join. The first stages of opening a new restaurant are akin to jumping through hoops and ensuring that everything is in order for success.

While finding the ideal restaurant point of sale system may seem to be a daunting task, if you know where to go, it isn’t as tough as you believe. POS systems have been in the restaurant industry for a long period of time and continue to develop.

In this piece, I’ll explore the seven best restaurant point-of-sale systems to help you increase sales and manage your restaurant business.

What are the Best Restaurant POS Systems?

Let’s find out.

1. Square

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Image Source: Sqare

Square enables you to link all of your activities, from the kitchen to the community. Square POS is well-known for its simplicity of use, which may assist you in streamlining your regular duties. It has features that display all of your clients’ information, including their previous orders, so you always know who your regulars are.

You can serve your clients from anywhere with an integrated point of sale system, a kitchen display system, and online ordering capabilities. This is a comprehensive solution that connects to your point of sale devices, kitchen display systems, and allows you to accept internet orders.

Increase consumer engagement online with your website or mobile application. Additionally, you’ll receive real-time alerts whenever an order is placed using the app, simplifying client management.

If you’re interested in learning more about Square and how it compares to one of its key rivals, check out my Stripe versus Square comparison.

Key Feature=s:

  • Create a fully free bespoke website for accepting online payments.
  • QR codes can be used to place online orders, make restaurant reservations, and collect or deliver food.
  • Connect your whole business to save time with solutions that connect every aspect of your operation.
  • Accept payments, schedule delivery, and prepare orders to increase your client base.


Square for restaurants offers its point of sale restaurant software for free.
The Square Terminal is $299 or $27 per month for 12 months.

On the other hand, will charge 2.6 percent + 10 cents for each payment transaction.

2. Epos Now

restaurant pos systems

Image Source: EposNow

Epos Now enables you to adapt, acquire new customers, and boost profit while being progressive.

Setting up Epos Now is simple, even for someone with no prior knowledge of computer systems. You can set up, onboard, and educate your workers in minutes, which frees up your time to focus on training rather than on software concerns.

Epos Now connects with the industry’s largest names, so you can be confident that it has previously addressed the major issues – and triumphed.

You may get company information from any device, regardless of location, to determine what is working and what is not.

Additionally, Epos Now provides a variety of payment choices, including secure contactless payment solutions that are simple to deploy. Because Epos Now is cloud-based, it is scalable to your business, which means you may expand without making significant adjustments.

Key Features:

  • You may access real-time employee information, customer information, sales estimates, and profit margins, among other things, to make quick and easy decisions.
  • Epos Now is scalable, allowing your organization to expand without requiring a major overhaul of its operations.
  • Connect to a variety of apps alone or in tandem, including payment systems, accounting software, and much more.
  • You can enhance your sales and propel your business ahead with mobile ordering, collection, website connection, and delivery.


  • Handheld System: $0 upfront + $44 per month OR $189 upfront + $24 per month
  • Complete System: $449 or $39 per month
  • Tablet System: $599

3. Clover

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Image Source: Clover

Clover enables you to create a frictionless customer journey that increases client loyalty and goodwill. Clover is integrated with your point-of-sale system, which enables you to monitor all activities in your business.

Whether you run a take-out restaurant, a chain of coffee shops, or a full-fledged high-class restaurant, Clover will keep your customers safe and secure.

Utilize the Clover POS system to let clients to make purchases, track orders, and pay invoices. Utilize it alone or in conjunction with your current Clover system to streamline your daily company activities.

Clover’s cheap rates are available on all cards, including AMEX and rewards cards. This eliminates the need to pay additional fees or keep track of multiple prices for different cards, simplifying customer ordering.

Key Features:

  • The Clover Point-of-Sale (POS) system makes running your company a pleasure. Easily take orders, track payments, and manage inventory with the sleek all-in-one system.
  • Organize your products while nurturing your client base. Get feedback and adjust to allow your business to keep moving forward.
  • To get real-time insights into the trends and data that are driving your business, use Clover’s sophisticated analytics tools to analyze key metrics like revenue and sales.
  • Credit cards, debit cards, gift cards, and contactless payments all work with your Clover system. It may be used as a whole POS or a stand-alone payment solution.


You’ll need to contact Clover’s sales team to get pricing for their various goods.

4. Toast

restaurant pos systems

Image Source: Toast

Toast thinks that point-of-sale is only the first step toward running a restaurant. What follows is equally critical. Toast provides comprehensive and configurable sales, inventory, and control solutions that streamline your business’s operations. Toast puts you in front of all your customers with alternatives beyond payment.

Assume you’re the owner of a restaurant and it appears as though your crew isn’t functioning cohesively to deliver the greatest full-service restaurant possible. Toast assists in resolving this issue by uniting your whole organization on a single system, ensuring that everyone understands what they need to perform.

With 24/7 customer service, superior reliability, and a fully functional offline mode, your business may continue to grow. Toast gives you access to restaurant-grade technology that is three times faster than the hardware used by competitors.

Key Features:

  • By managing numerous locations using Toast Multi-Location Management, you can improve your operations.
  • Payroll and team management features make it simple to instruct your personnel on how to operate a restaurant in the manner in which you like.
  • Toast POS Reporting and Analytics, a cost-effective cloud-based solution, provides you with the practical information you need to manage your restaurant successfully.
  • Make decisions based on the data in front of you in order to provide greater value to your consumers and enhance earnings.


  • Pay as You Go: $0 per month (also offers flexible payment options)
  • Essentials: From $165 per month
  • Growth: From $272 per month

5. Lightspeed Restaurant

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Image Source: LightSpeed Restaurant

Customers will be able to order from Lightspeed Restaurant utilizing a QR code rather than waiting for a menu, allowing them to take control of their dine-in experience.

This elegant point-of-sale system simplifies the ordering process and also links with your social media profiles, allowing you to communicate with clients where they are most active.

Provide a safe dining experience for your visitors by offering digital menus and contactless payment directly from their table—no terminals necessary. End-to-end encryption and multi-level security methods are used to safeguard your data.

Allowing clients to place orders and pay for them via their phones increases sales and efficiency while requiring only a few personnel. Lightspeed collaborates with your restaurant to guarantee that your customers are satisfied without feeling rushed or ignored throughout their meals.

With contactless tableside ordering and payment, delivery services, and the option to integrate with your eCommerce site, Lightspeed expands the possibilities for new hospitality necessities.

Key Features:

  • Take control of your menu items with customisable choices that make it simple to deliver exactly what your consumers want.
  • You’ll be able to handle last-minute bookings as well as specific permissions and requests on-the-spot, ensuring that your queue never becomes unmanageable.
  • Customize tip distribution for your employees and guarantee they are compensated properly.
  • If you wish to go even further into your income and performance, advanced reporting, with optional analysis, is available.


  • Add-ons: $12/month
  • Premium Add-ons: $39/month

What is a Restaurant POS System?

A restaurant POS system enables restaurants to effectively collect orders, manage the kitchen by expediting the delivery of food, and process payments. Quick service restaurants, in particular, must be able to swiftly collect and fulfill orders, handle customer data and preferences, and assist customers in developing positive attitudes toward the firm.

Restaurant point-of-sale systems are critical components of any successful foodservice company because they enable restaurateurs to monitor all activities in real time. Restaurant owners can see what is selling and what is not, as well as how much inventory is available.

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