When it comes to remote work, a company’s HR system is one of the most crucial pieces of software for success. With HR responsible for keeping personnel data, utilizing payroll software to pay workers, ensuring compliance tools are in place and up-to-date, educating staff on new software installations, and much more, the correct tools can make or break a business.

There are also other components that enhance the efficacy of an HR system. These include HRIS systems and tools that emphasize employee performance and development, as well as PEO firms that provide total employee and management solutions.

Consequently, remote HR software is a new and emerging type of software that has the potential to transform how businesses function. With a growing number of firms using remote workers, it is crucial to have a system that can manage them as effectively as if they were physically present in the office.

This post will discuss the best remote HR software based on functionality, cost, reviews, and other factors.

What Are The Best Remote HR Software?

Here are my top recommendations for the best remote HR software.

1. Monday.com

remote hr software

Image Source: Monday.com

Monday makes it simple to identify and recruit the most qualified remote team members. You may rapidly locate the most qualified people for your available roles with Monday’s AI-powered sourcing tool.

You can also utilize Monday to monitor all applications in a single location and get a snapshot of your employment funnel. Monday also makes it easy to examine your team’s performance on a daily basis.

Even if your staff is working remotely, devise activities that promote morale and keep them engaged. You may also utilize Monday.com to frequently gather feedback and monitor your team’s success. Monday is the right program for you if you want to hire and retain the greatest remote team members.

Key Features:

  • Build a productive recruiting pipeline with the assistance of Monday.
  • You can rapidly select the top prospects for your vacant jobs and maintain a centralized database of all applications.
  • Get a snapshot of your employment pipeline every Monday, and gather feedback on a consistent basis.
  • Ensure the well-being of your staff by developing interesting activities.
  • Handle leave requests like a pro, and monitor the development of your team through performance reports.


  • Free: $0 for up to 2 seats
  • Basic: $8 / seat / month
  • Standard: $10 /seat /month
  • Pro: $16 /seat / month
  • Enterprise: Custom quoted based on the number of seats.

2. Sage HR

remote hr software

Image Source: Sarge HR

Sage HR is one of the top remote HR software solutions overall due to its full toolkit.n The capability to upload an employee database makes it simple to manage personnel information, and the global payroll capabilities guarantees that workers are paid on time.

In addition, the reporting capabilities provide insight into the performance of your remote staff. With performance monitoring tools and compliance features, you may also get useful information into your staff. Sage HR makes it simple to generate bespoke reports and graphs that provide an overview of your team’s performance.

Key Features:

  • Sage HR can effortlessly automate leave management, allowing workers to swiftly request and monitor their vacation days.
  • Timesheets are simple to complete and submit, and it is simple to determine who is working on which project at any given moment.
  • Shift scheduling allows you to simply keep track of an employee’s hours by revealing when they are working.
  • Additionally, you may examine a summary of all employee spending and generate customized reports to determine where your money is going.
  • The reporting tool is excellent for gaining insights into your team’s performance, and the mobile app makes it simple to remain in touch while on the road.


The pricing depends on the number of employees in the company.

3. Hibob

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Image Source: Hibob

Hibob is an outstanding product for organizations who prioritize staff development. With the assistance of Hibob, you can identify your top achievers and provide them with the due acknowledgment.

You may also utilize Hibob to develop development plans for your staff, allowing them to continue to develop within their jobs. Ensure that your workers are more than simply a number by using the engagement capabilities.  Hibob is the ideal software for building a successful remote team, since it provides several insights that may assist spot possible concerns.

Key Features:

  • The primary HR capabilities of Hibob contain everything required to handle personnel data.
  • Hibob’s Doc Hub is an excellent solution to save all of your important papers in one location.
  • The objectives setting module enables the creation of staff development programs.
  • The personnel directory enables you to keep track of all workers in a one location.
  • The time and attendance module enables you to monitor the time and attendance of your workers.
  • The workflows module facilitates the automation of HR activities.


Contact Hibob for price depending on the number of people engaged and your unique requirements.

4. OnPay

remote hr software

Image Source: OnPay

OnPay provides the tools necessary to have an accurate picture of your remote staff and verify everything is operating as intended. With the aid of performance monitoring tools, you’ll never miss a development milestone for an employee, and the compliance features will keep you informed of any modifications.

You may also utilize this program if your remote team develops, since you can add additional people as your business expands. Multiple connections make it simple to link OnPay with the other software you use, and the company’s customer support staff is always there to assist you with any problems you may encounter.

Key Features:

  • Monthly payroll processing ensures that no payments are missed.
  • The program handles tax payments and filings, so there is no need for concern.
  • Use a debit card, a check, or direct deposit to pay.
  • Having separate pay rates and schedules makes it simpler to keep track of staff with distinct duties.
  • The application can manage garnishments
  • Customized reporting capabilities allow you to generate reports that meet your specific requirements.


Free for the first month and setup. After that, the monthly base price is $36 and the monthly payroll fee is $4 per employee.

5. Freshteam

remote hr software

Image Source:  Freshteam

Freshteam needs no introduction in the field of HR software, and it is equally effective for remote and conventional teams. The user-friendly interface makes it simple to remain on top of all HR-related matters, and the flexibility to produce custom reports ensures that you always have the data you need when evaluating the performance of your staff.

With the capacity to minimize recruiter effort, portions of the recruiting, onboarding, and performance management processes may be automated. Thus, you may concentrate on what is most important and delegate monotonous work to software.

Freshteam can also manage the external job boards that your team utilizes and keep track of all candidates in a one location. Freshteam has you covered when it comes to managing a remote team.

Finally, it can handle the screening process so that you may concentrate on conducting interviews with the finest prospects. Freshteam is a good option to explore if you want to control the many parts of the performance of your remote team.

Key Features:

  • Using Freshteam, you can keep stakeholders abreast of your company’s activities.
  • It is simple to share documents, so you may send and receive files without worrying about email attachments.
  • Set up permissions easily to regulate who has access to what information.
  • The “at a glance” tool enables you to rapidly get an overview of all the essential business information.
  • Employee self-service is a fantastic approach to keep your staff abreast of current events.


Free: Basic HR for small organizations. This can be used for up to 50 employees.
Growth: $1.20 employee/month billed monthly + $71 platform fee/month.
Pro: $2.40/employee/month + $119 platform fee/month.
Enterprise: $4.80/employee/month + $203 platform fee/month.

What Are Remote HR Software?

The development of new technology has enabled firms to communicate with workers regardless of their location. A dispersed team is a group of coworkers who are not physically located in the same location.

There is, however, no universal definition of a dispersed team. The size, structure, and geographical distribution of a dispersed team might vary considerably amongst organizations.

Modern (and more functional) recruitment software, virtual meeting tools, remote talent acquisition, and performance management systems make it simpler to manage such a team.