Would you want to go straight to the point? The greatest org chart software see below.

Creating an organizational chart as part of a company strategy may be a lengthy and complicated process. You must first comprehend your business’s organizational structure and then build a chart that represents it.

An organizational chart depicts the hierarchy as a pyramid, with the leadership team at the top and different lines linking other workers. This enables everyone in an organization to know who is who.

The issue is that developing an org chart software from scratch is just too time consuming for the majority of firms. They either lack the finances or lack the knowledge necessary to execute it properly.

To assist you in resolving this issue, I’ve compiled a list of the seven top org chart software solutions for 2021, so you can easily locate what you’re looking for and get back to running your company without spending any further time on research.

The majority of organizational chart software programs also provide additional features that helps firms operate more efficiently.

Let we begin.

What is the Best Org Chart Software?

Let’s find out.

org chart software

Image Source: Monday.com

Monday.com allows you to get started quickly by building your first workflow in minutes, and scaling it across departments and teams of any size with a single click – all from one place.

Hundreds of visual and customizable templates are available to get going or, if you prefer, you may build your own from scratch.

With Monday, you can visualize and manage your company’s business processes – whether they’re simple to-do lists, events in a calendar, complex approvals, or multi-stage milestones.

And if the process is too long for one screen, no problem. Just scroll down or click on any step to reveal more detail.

Building an org chart with Monday is as easy as integrating it with your existing business applications in a simple and quick process.

Manage everything from one workspace – from the smallest details to the entire workflow.

This means you can focus on what matters – your business. Stop worrying about your process management software and focus on the value that your business is providing customers.

Key Features:

  • Monday’s staff delivers unparalleled assistance, which enables you to utilize this program even if you have no prior knowledge.
  • Monday enables you to link your organization chart right into Slack or HipChat — keeping your team informed at all times.
  • Manage your data in a variety of ways, including a map, calendar, timeline, and kanban board.
  • Monday Trello board templates provide insight into how your team collaborates, enabling you to make more informed choices quicker.


  • Individual: $0 free forever
  • Basic: $8 per seat per month
  • Standard: $10 per seat per month
  • Pro: $16 per seat per month
  • Enterprise: Contact them for a custom quote

2. Freshteam

org chart software

Image Source: Freshteam

Freshteam simplifies the process of developing organizational charts and other human resource activities. Freshteam is a Freshworks product that promises to assist small companies in being more efficient via the use of technology.

With Freshteam, you can easily design org charts to ensure that everyone understands your company’s structure. Positions should be organized with teams and individuals to ensure that the whole organization is on the same page about what has to be done next.

Manage all aspects of human resources in one location, including recruitment, onboarding, time off, personnel data, and HR procedures. This way, everyone in your firm is informed and on the same page.

If you wish to automate tedious and dull tasks, Freshteam may assist you. This manner, you’re dedicating your time to the critical aspects of your company rather than to inconsequential activities that would consume hours of your day.

Key Features:

  • Every expanding business need a ‘Who’s Who’ chart; using Freshteam’s org chart maker, you can design your own in minutes.
  • Integration is critical for organizations – with Freshteam, you can connect to over 100 different applications to ensure that everyone is on the same page.
  • Allow team members to construct a chronology of events, schedule interviews, invite panel members, and provide one another with comments and criticism.
  • Automate resume screening and centralize all applicant information in one spot, including emails, interaction histories, interview scores, comments, and notes.
  • Establish a candidate tracking system that incorporates job-specific information, application tracking forms and workflows, interview scorecards, referrals, and onboarding procedures.


  • Free: $0 forever for up to 50 employees
  • Growth: $1 per employee per month + $59 platform fee per month
  • Pro: $2 per employee per month + $99 platform fee per month
  • Enterprise: $4 per employee per month + $169 platform fee per month

3. Microsoft Visio

org chart software

Image Source: Microsoft Visio

Microsoft Visio revolutionizes the way organizations see and interact with data. With dozens of pre-built templates and thousands of editable shapes, Visio makes it simple and enjoyable to create visualizations that are both powerful and understandable.

Once your chart is created, you may save it as an image or even as an HTML web page.

You may then utilize additional tools to explain the organizational structure of your business to stakeholders by simply emailing or saving it to SharePoint, where everyone has access to the most recent version.

Along with organizational charts, this program allows for the creation of network diagrams, flowcharts, and more.

Key Features:

  • On your private intranet, create flowcharts and diagrams to convey processes, procedures, and actions.
  • Create and update lists and libraries that are readily accessible and editable by everyone, such as policies and procedures manuals.
  • Visio’s powerful flowchart features may assist you in bringing your notions to life by converting statistics and information into compelling tales via the use of a wide array of shapes, stencils, and templates.
  • Additionally, you may create a basic chart using a Visio stencil; choose from a selection of pre-made templates, beginning diagrams, and stencils available in both the desktop and online versions of Visio.


  • Plan 1: $5 per user per month (monthly or annual payments)
  • Plan 2: $15 per user per month (monthly or annual payments)
  • Visio Standard 2021: $309.99 one time purchase
  • Vision Professional 2021: $579.99 one time purchase

4. Organimi

org chart software

Image Source: Organimi

Organimi provides a broad range of services for thousands of small and large businesses, both in the public and private sectors.

Organimi’s org chart tool is used in a variety of sectors, including government organizations, educational institutions, non-profit groups, and other public service organizations.

You’ll find your most important information, organized in charts that are easy to read and interact with. You may connect with all of your favorite applications and tools so you can spend less time on your chart and more time working on your business.

Organimi goes beyond just being an org chart software, it’s also a communication hub that allows you to provide everyone with all the most important information in the easiest way possible.

It has powerful communication features combined with easy access to all of your favorite apps and tools for less time spent creating charts and more time doing what you love.

Key Features:

  • Create a Photobook for each employee using the Personal Portrait feature. This is an effective method to connect with the person behind the title. Photo Boards may be used to identify a person’s face.
  • Organimi’s SmartChart™ Legend feature can be used to show information on your chart and attach conditions to custom fields, allowing you to make your chart more attractive.
  • You may share your organization charts privately with a few people or across the company in one click. In addition, you can allow users to modify or view your data and select which fields you want to display (while hiding others).
  • Create a chart from scratch using their drag-and-drop interface. You can also data import a CSV or Excel file with your company information and have the chart come to life.


  • Starter: $10 per month, charged annually. Caters: for up to 250 employees
  • Growth: $30 per month, charged annually. Caters: for up to 500 employees
  • Pro: $50 per month, charged annually. Caters: for up to 1000 employees
  • Enterprise: For organizations with more than 1000 employees. Contact them for a custom quote.

5. Gliffy

org chart software

Image Source: Gliffy

Creating an organizational chart is simple with Gliffy. You may build your team, pick the appropriate size and form for your organization’s structure, and then begin adding members.

Gliffy’s enterprise-grade diagramming tool may be used by any team to graphically convey ideas. This means you may develop a visual organization chart, a process map, or a website wireframe to express your team’s vision effectively.

If you need to make changes to the firm structure, Gliffy enables drag-and-drop editing of org charts – just drag their avatar to a new spot, and your org chart will come together much more rapidly.

Gliffy was founded by two engineers who intended to incorporate the simplicity of whiteboard sketching into a robust, business-grade diagramming application.

It’s ideal for building a firm organization chart, and contains features like revision history to assist you in keeping track of changes.

Gliffy’s enterprise-grade diagramming software, which boasts a user base of over 16 million and a simple drag-and-drop interface, enables teams of all sizes to create diagrams and communicate graphically.

Key Feature:

  • As a document management software, it enables you to evaluate the changes made in previous versions of a document and make necessary adjustments.
  • Collaborate successfully with other team members, regardless of their geographic location.
  • Work at your own speed to ensure that everything is completed correctly the first time.
  • Additionally, you can immediately upload photos to Jira and Confluence, making it much simpler to develop org charts and other diagrams.
  • With granular permissions settings, you can control who may view, modify, and comment on your material.


  • Professional: $8 per month per user (paid yearly); 10-50 users: $6 per month per user (billed annually)
  • Enterprise: When you contact their sales staff, they will provide you with a bespoke quotation.

What is Org Chart Software?

An organizational chart is a graphic that depicts the organizational structure of a business, breaking it down into smaller groups or departments.

Org chart software enables the creation of organizational charts as required inside a company. It enables businesses to model their workforces anyway they see appropriate in order to achieve optimum productivity and efficiency.

Organograms, in its simplest form, depict an organization’s structure, who reports to whom, and job duties within a certain department. The org chart software simplifies the process of constructing this graph.

The finest organizational chart software includes critical features such as the following:

  • Interfaces that are both interactive and simple to use.
  • Charts may be shared securely using a cloud platform.
  • Customization is accomplished by adjusting the number of layers, the node arrangement, and the form styles.
  • For improved automation, integration with current systems such as Gmail, Outlook, etc.
  • Capability of an organization to generate and manage many charts.
  • Additionally, content management and hierarchical classification of nodes are significant advantages.

The org chart software you pick should have the aforementioned functions, which make it simple for managers and workers alike to grasp the corporate hierarchy and reporting structure with just a few clicks.

This benefits an organization’s efficiency by making information transfer simpler than ever before thanks to such easy interfaces.

The market for organizational chart software is increasing fast as a result, with some of the finest tools available being a vital addition to any firm.