With online learning platforms becoming more popular than ever, it might be difficult to decide which one to utilize.

While many provide a variety of features and advantages, not all are equal.nAccess to the greatest online learning platform is important to your success as a student.

However, even for teachers who want to provide relevant and interesting online courses, the chosen platform may make a significant impact. Whether they are interested in developing an online course to supplement their income or an online micro-learning platform that focuses on staff training, it is essential that they be aware of the options available. In this essay, I will examine the top online learning platforms based on their features, cost, certification, subject matter, student engagement, and other factors.

Whether you want to enroll in a Master’s program or you are an employee tasked with upgrading your skills, these platforms will allow you to achieve your objectives.

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What Are The Best Online Learning Platforms?

Here are the best most popular online learning platforms to consider.

online learning platforms

Image Source:  Skillshare

The online learning platform Skillshare emphasizes creativity and design. Skillshare is an excellent alternative if you want to learn how to be more creative or enhance your design abilities. With a smartphone app, online classes, and offline events, Skillshare facilitates learning new talents and connecting with other creatives regardless of location.

With courses that include given projects and a community of like-minded creatives to interact with, Skillshare is a fantastic platform for anyone who want to better their creative abilities in a variety of fields.

Key Features:

  • Obtain a subscription that helps you live a more imaginative life.
  • Real-world-relevant online education provides you the freedom and assistance you need to reach your objectives.
  • Learn from anywhere with a mobile app that enhances the accessibility of all of your courses.


There are several alternatives to examine. Skillshare for Teams enables groups to collaborate and obtain the appropriate material.

This is ideal for assisting one another in the learning process. Corporate gift cards are also an excellent method to demonstrate to staff that you respect their professional growth.

online learning platforms

Image Source:  Udemy.com

From programming and data science to design, art, and personal development, Udemy provides a vast array of courses. Whatever you want to learn, Udemy has a course for it.

Udemy provides more than 185,000 online video courses taught by industry professionals. You may study at your own speed and in your own time, and the Udemy platform is continually being updated with new courses.

With a variety of teachers comes a variety of course formats, so you may select a method of instruction that works best for you. In addition, if you are an expert in a certain topic, you may build your own course on Udemy and make money by educating others.

Key Features:

  • Lifetime access to courses allows you to review the content as frequently as necessary.
  • Individualized instruction with adaptable timetables
  • Obtain a certificate to demonstrate your accomplishment.
  • Ask teachers questions and get comments to enhance your learning.


The cost varies depending on the course you choose. The good thing about Udemy is that they offer various discounts throughout the year.

online learning platforms

Image Source: LinkedinLearning

While many use LinkedIn for its professional networking features, LinkedIn Learning is a wonderful resource for people who want to enhance and acquire new skills. Many tailored courses are available via Linkedin Learning depending on your position, industry, and talents.

With the social networking platform recognizing areas in which you may require improvement, LinkedIn Learning is a wonderful approach to get customized information to assist you in achieving your objectives. You may also search for the top talents you want to acquire and enroll in a course on that subject.

Key Features:

  • Relevant suggestions make it simple to locate the required courses.
  • The straightforward administrative tools simplify the management of your learning.
  • You may save your progress to resume where you left off.
  • Custom and pre-built study routes facilitate the organization of your educational journey.


You get a free month with this online learning platform. After that you can buy the specific courses you’re interested in.

online learning platforms

Image Source: DataCamp

DataCamp is an online education platform that provides courses in data science, programming, and analytics. DataCamp offers a number of courses on Python, R, and SQL, among others, with the goal of assisting users in acquiring the skills necessary to get employment in the technology sector.

DataCamp also provides certification programs that assist prospective applicants stand out from the throng. DataCamp is a wonderful resource for people who want to remain current with the most recent developments in the technology sector due to its often updated information.

With courses spanning from non-coding fundamentals to data science, this online learning platform is ideal for people who want to learn all they need to know about data. You may study at your own speed and in accordance with your requirements thanks to the availability of a variety of expertly-designed learning routes.

Key Features:

  • Develop your data skills online utilizing the most advanced tools and technology.
  • Enhance your knowledge at scale with DataCamp’s enterprise solutions.
  • The experiential learning includes interactive tasks and brief films.
  • Utilize the code you are learning to practice and apply your abilities straight in your browser.


  • Teams (2+ people): $12.42 per user /month billed annually
  • Enterprise: Contact sales for pricing
online learning platforms

Image Source: Mindvalley

Mindvalley is an online learning platform that provides courses on a variety of subjects, including personal development, health and fitness, lifestyle, business and entrepreneurship, and spirituality, among others. Mindvalley provides programs intended to help you realize your full potential, with an emphasis on personal growth.

With comprehensive access to all courses, Mindvalley makes it simple to locate the necessary information and begin studying. Additionally, there are daily live sessions taught by expert educators, making it simple to get started with Mindvalley regardless of where you are in your journey. Lastly, their private social network will allow you to connect with like-minded individuals from across the globe who can assist you on your path.

Key Features:

  • Mindvalley will help you improve your life in a number of ways.
  • Join a community that cares about you, your objectives, and your journey.
  • Obtain long-lasting benefits with programs intended to help you realize your greatest potential.
  • Their events will link you with like-minded individuals and leading educators.


There are two plans available:

  • Monthly Membership: $99/month
  • Yearly Membership (Save 58%): Charged annually at $41.60/month

What Are Online Learning Platforms?

A platform for online learning is a website or software program that facilitates the acquisition of new skills or information. These sites may include courses, articles, videos, and other material types.

Users may study at their own speed and within their own schedules using online course platforms. Since you do not need to go to a physical place, these platforms also provide a handy and adaptable approach to acquire new abilities.

Learning Management System Vs. Online Education Course Platform

Understanding the difference between an online education platform and a learning management system (LMS) is essential when deciding the most appropriate solution for your requirements. The primary distinction between a learning management system and an online course platform is that the former is generally built for course management.

In contrast, an online course platform is intended to facilitate the creation and delivery of classes with little consideration for the backend. The use cases of a learning management system (LMS) and an online course platform may overlap, although the former is often designed for more formal and structured learning, while the latter is designed for more unstructured and flexible learning.

An LMS has a lengthier learning curve than an online course platform since administering courses is more involved than just providing lessons. In addition, the time to market is often longer with an LMS due to the learning curve and the time necessary to load the system with your course material.

Pricing is another significant distinction, with an LMS often being more expensive since it needs more upkeep to maintain proper operation. The monthly membership price for an online course platform is often less than that of a learning management system (LMS) since there is no need to account for the same level of overhead when administering courses.

Features Of A Great Online Learning Platform

From self-paced learning to e-learning platforms that provide real-time contact between the teacher and the student, the ideal system gives a place for education. Due to the increasing popularity of eLearning platforms, there are a number of characteristics to consider while selecting the best system.

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