Let’s face it, the first day of work is a disaster for the majority of us. We enter the workplace fearful.As the day progresses, the sensation becomes exacerbated by uncomfortable greetings and forced talks. On such a stressful day, the last thing we want is to be swamped with paperwork.

Not only is an unsuccessful onboarding process detrimental to the employee, but it also reflects poorly on recruiters. This might result in miscommunications and bottlenecks across the process, resulting in inefficient performance.

To prevent uninformed new recruits rushing to you weeks after they begin working for your organization, it is critical to use an HR onboarding software solution in addition to your onboarding process.

What Are The Best Onboarding Software for New Employees?

Let’s find out.

1. Workday HCM

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Image Source: Workday

Workday’s Human Capital Management system, which is used by some of the world’s largest corporations, such as Dell, enables businesses to react to a changing market. With the majority of companies becoming remote, this human capital management software enables you to attract and develop talent.

It includes an Augmented Analysis tool that provides managers with access to massive amounts of data in order to detect opportunities and hazards. Employee data is associated with a “story” rather than simply statistics, which enables you to comprehend critical indicators and adjust onboarding duties appropriately.

Workday HCM’s connection with Peakon enables the HR staff to better understand workers’ requirements and develop strategies to enhance EX. Additionally, Peakon enables you to solicit comments and maintain real-time dashboards to maximize productivity and cooperation.

Key Features:

  • Tracking employee engagement and mood.
  • Health and safety data in real time.
  • Risks may be identified using what-if scenarios.
  • Insight into important skills for locating and onboarding critical personnel.
  • Assemble a network of health resources for employees.
  • Career counseling on an individual basis.
  • Analytics that are augmented.
  • Automated procedure from acquisition to payment.
  • Dashboards for pay equality.
  • Tools for compensation analysis.
  • Integration of human resources.
  • Global human capital management.
  • Organizational structures and models that are adaptable.
  • Benefits administration is centralized.
  • Compensation management that is agile.
  • Complete administration of employee and skill profiles.
  • Acquisition of talent.
  • Management of performance.


As is the case with the majority of the onboarding tools on our list, Workday HCM charges on a per-use basis.

2. Eddy

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Image Source: Eddy

With Eddy, you can streamline your staff onboarding process and avoid the complications associated with formalities and paperwork. Hiring, onboarding, managing, and compensating people has never been simpler or more sustainable than it is with our fully digital human resources system.

Everyone, from small company owners to office administrators, may benefit from Eddy’s hassle-free features. All of your company’s and employee’s papers may be generated, shared, and saved digitally, which means you won’t have to worry about lost data, insufficient office storage, or papercuts.

Due to the fact that the human resources department is often overburdened, Eddy has their back with the self-onboarding option. This empowers new recruits to take control of their employment by building their Eddy profile and e-signing papers, among other things.

Key Feature:

  • Create, distribute, save, and e-sign human resources documents.
  • Onboarding through self-service.
  • List of new hire duties that may be tracked.
  • Initial messages.
  • Drag-and-drop creation of a bespoke pipeline.
  • Stage acts that are automated.
  • Collaborative hiring.
  • Posting jobs to job boards with a single click.
  • Directory and profiles of employees.
  • Notes that are straightforward and adaptable.
  • PTO administration.
  • Tax returns on a quarterly and yearly basis.
  • Reporting on new hires.
  • W-2 preparation, filing, and distribution at the end of the fiscal year.


Eddy Platform at $8/month per employee

  • Onboarding
  • Monitoring of training
  • Storage of documents and electronic signatures
  • Tracking of PTOs
  • Employee data tracking and storage
  • Timekeeping


  • Payroll at $8/month per employee
  • Applicant tracking at $99/month per employee
  • HR advisor at $49/month per employee

3. Zenefits

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Image Source: Zenefits

Zenefits enables small firms with little resources to manage their team members effectively. Its robust human resources platform is intuitive, so you won’t have to spend time learning how to utilize it. This program has a lot to offer, from improving the onboarding process to monitoring performance evaluations.

As the name implies, this program assures employee happiness via on-time payroll and benefits administration, which are administered through an automated data flow. You can tailor and design complete healthcare coverage as well as timely rewards for your workforce based on their requirements.

Paying team members is also a breeze, since this program has a simple and intuitive interface that enables you to execute chores with a few clicks. The built-in protections are a useful feature that ensures users adhere to applicable laws and regulations.

Key Features:

  • Automate the distribution of offer letters.
  • Integrate Checkr for fast, dependable background checks.
  • Compatible with smartphones and tablets.
  • Tax paperwork made digitally.
  • Signatures electronically.
  • Logging in automatically using common integrations.
  • Organizational charts that are dynamic.
  • Automated processes (promotions, transfers, etc.).
  • Data synchronization throughout the Zenefits platform in real time.
  • PTO Regulations.
  • Requests are managed and approved.
  • Dates that are not available.
  • Calculator for the PTO balance.
  • Statistics on equal opportunity.
  • Counting activities.
  • Automate the generation and storage of employee papers.
  • Employee handbooks should be updated and classified.
  • W-4 and I-9 forms are now available in digital format.
  • Provisioning of accounts.


  • Essentials at $8/month per employee
  • Growth at $14/month per employee
  • Zen at $21/month per employee

4. Hibob HRIS

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Image Source: Hibob

The word “Hibob” sounds fresh and inviting, and that is exactly how your consumers will see your business when they use our design-driven human resources software. After all, human resources’ duty encompasses far more than just maintaining a headcount and managing human capital.

Because Hibob’s mission is to put people first, its interface is heavily influenced by social media. The familiar appearance reassures new workers and improves their employee experience (EX), while also delivering critical data and reports to management.

I like Hibob’s emphasis on fostering a corporate culture with features such as Clubs, which enable workers to interact based on their interests and “superpowers.” Shoutouts is another intriguing feature that allows you to make company-wide announcements replete with entertaining GIFs and emojis.

It is without a doubt one of the best HRIS systems on the market.

Key Features:

  • Analytics in real time.
  • Analyze the trends in people analytics.
  • Integration with Perkbox.
  • Pension auto-enrollment apps.
  • Vouchers for child care.
  • Employee perks that are completely customizable.
  • Screamouts and polls that are both entertaining and informative.
  • Dashboard for your business that is both interactive and inclusive.
  • Organization chart that is dynamic.
  • Gender identity that is not binary.
  • Documents for the business are organized.
  • Clubs for certain interests and hobbies.
  • Cassiopeia fusion.
  • Performance appraisals.
  • Onboarding processes that are automated.
  • Workflow for preboarding.
  • Personalized onboarding.
  • Automated human capital analytics.
  • Management of attendance has been streamlined.
  • Individual policies.


Due to Hibob’s emphasis on flexibility and usefulness, it offers its tools and services in affordable customizable packages. However, since there are no set costs, you will need to contact their customer service agent.

5. BambooHR

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Image Source: BambooHr

BambooHr is a simple and effective employee onboarding solution for growing businesses. Available in two packages – “Essentials” and “Advantage” – you may modify features and tools to your workflow and workers’ requirements.

BambooHR’s diverse toolkit implores businesses to identify their “purple unicorn” and construct their “dream team.” This onboarding system saves you time, labor, and paper by saving employee information, arranging electronic signatures, managing payroll, and providing performance feedback.

This one solution may completely replace your payroll software, increasing your business’s efficiency.

I really appreciated the offboarding function, which made saying goodbye as simple as greeting new colleagues. With this technique, the uncertainty associated with paychecks and perks is removed, while the employee feels appreciated and heard, providing an opportunity for the organization to learn.

Key Features:

  • Personnel database.
  • App for mobile devices.
  • Customized human resources processes.
  • Human resource reporting and analytics.
  • ATS (Application Tracking System) (ATS).
  • Onboarding and offboarding of employees.
  • E-signatures.
  • Time monitoring for employees.
  • Management of time off.
  • Payroll administration.
  • Satisfaction of employees (employee Net Promoter Score).
  • Management of performance.


  •  Essentials Pack
  • Advantage Pack

What Is Onboarding Software For New Employees?

Employee onboarding include acclimating new recruits to current team members, the workplace, and the company’s code of behavior, among other things. The time required for onboarding varies according on the kind and size of business.

The majority of small businesses do it in a single day, while some take months. The only thing they have in common is the arduous paperwork and formality that a new employee must through on their first day. As a consequence, recruiting experts are likewise overworked.

This is where employee onboarding software comes in to help coordinate several duties and streamline the employee orientation and onboarding process. While your new recruits are getting a feel for the work environment, you have the opportunity to build a memorable first impression of the organization.