Creating the appropriate training is one of the most effective methods to replicate success inside a business without having to start from scratch each time.

With the help of technology, training may also be a process of continuous optimization. As many online course platforms provide additional capabilities over time, it is necessary to understand the benefits and drawbacks of online education in order to make an informed decision regarding which platform to use.

However, it is also useful to examine the existence of microlearning platforms, a subclass of learning management systems developed expressly for shorter, more concentrated training content. These are appropriate for individuals who have prior experience and want a refresher, as well as those who are new to a certain field and need to acquire essential information.

In other words, it is not necessary to go as deeply into a topic as in other circumstances. In this essay, I will discuss the top microlearning platforms and their most important characteristics, allowing you to select the ideal platform for your firm.

What Are The Best Microlearning Platforms?

Let’s find out.

1. EdApp

Microlearning Platforms

Image Source: EdApp

EdApp facilitates the dissection of complicated topics into microlearning units that may be finished in only minutes. This increases the possibility of knowledge retention and application in the workplace, making it ideal for employees who need to acquire new material rapidly but don’t have the time for lengthy training sessions.

EdApp also provides an integrated writing tool, social learning capabilities, and a variety of metrics for tracking the development of learners and staff engagement. With an iOS and Android-compatible mobile learning platform, employees can study on the move at their own speed.

The site also includes interfaces with applications like Canva so that you can design course graphics with ease.

Key Features:

  • The mobile learning platform enables students to expand their knowledge from any location.
  • Canva integration facilitates the creation of course graphics.
  • The free course library is an all-inclusive resource for course materials.
  • PowerPoint conversion expedites the creation of courses from existing presentations.


  • EdApp Free: $0
  • EdApp Growth: $1.95 per active user/ month
  • EdApp Plus: $2.95 per active user/ month

2. Tovuti

Microlearning Platforms

Image Source: Tovuti

Tovuti is an excellent approach to provide your staff with an online learning experience. It features a clean and uncomplicated design, making it simple to use even for non-technical users.

The platform also has the ability to design bespoke courses, track the progress of learners, and provide certification upon completion. Tovuti is a wonderful platform to explore if you want to begin training in days, not months.

Using own materials, you may create cloud-based courses or easily import and deploy existing eLearning content. Tovuti is able to manage PDFs, movies, PowerPoint presentations, and SCORM files.

Tovuti’s content marketplace contains 7,000 pre-built courses that may be offered to your learners immediately. You can evaluate the efficacy of your training and make adjustments on the go thanks to the monitoring and reporting functions.

Key Features:

  • Compliance with SCORM assures that your material meets the highest requirements.
  • The PowerPoint Importer enables easy creation of courses from existing presentations.
  • The Media Library provides quick and simple access to all media assets in your course.
  • The integrated Course Content Library offers a centralized location for all of your course content needs.
  • Within the Tovuti interface, it is straightforward to create and modify lessons and classes.


  • 50 users: $775/month + Setup Fee: $2.5K
  • 250 users: $945/month + Setup Fee: $3K
  • 500 users: $1,325/month + Setup Fee: $3.5K
  • 1,500 users: $1,925/month + Setup Fee: $4K

3. Spekit

Microlearning Platforms

Image Source: Spekit

Spekit blends seamlessly into the work process, as opposed to being an additional tool that distracts more than it aids. This microlearning platform delivers in-app instruction, allowing employees to obtain assistance when and when it is required.

Spekit is the platform for you if you’re searching for a way to cut sales training in half while ensuring that staff can virtually educate themselves to become subject matter experts. In addition, Spekit’s visual interface and automatic training make it simple for staff to become proficient without feeling overwhelmed.

Spekit’s emphasis on digital adoption ensures that employees will actively utilize the platform and not just passively see the information. You also receive training on a variety of essential applications that will help you get started with the platform fast.

Key Features:

  • Link content across tools for a quick and simple start
  • Include training in any application to make it readily available to employees.
  • Guide employees through step-by-step processes so they may receive assistance when they need it.
  • Search from Outlook, Slack, or anywhere else using the Lightning
  • Component to quickly and simply locate the information you want.
  • Print PDF guides for offline viewing or future reference.


The price is $20 per user per month.

4. Axonify

Microlearning Platforms

Image Source: Axonify

Axonify’s microlearning platform takes the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) idea to a new level. This platform is built for usage on any smartphone, tablet, or laptop, making it simple to deliver and manage training content using Axonify’s robust tools and capabilities.

Training that fits seamlessly into the workflow allows employees to gain new skills and information without interfering with their day-to-day duties. This software is also ideal for those who wish to keep a close check on their employees’ development, as it provides all the statistics you need to optimize your training program.

You may also push real-time changes from a central place to ensure that all employees get the most current information.

Key Features:

  • To ensure that participants gain the most from the main teachings, emphasize their importance.
  • With a platform tailored to their process, new staff may be trained swiftly and simply.
  • Push updates and modifications to employees in real-time from a central place.
  • Compliance solutions allow you to monitor the growth of your personnel and guarantee they satisfy all relevant criteria.
  • The content may be modified and adapted to meet the requirements of your company.
  • Tools for onboarding make it simple to familiarize new workers with your company’s procedures and operations.


Schedule a call with their team to discuss your unique training requirements and to receive a quotation.

5. LearnUpon

Microlearning Platforms

Image Source: LearnUpon

LearnUpon enables organizations to simply expand and scale their learning initiatives. This microlearning platform makes it simple to build and manage employee, partner, and customer training programs.

LearnUpon’s robust tools and features make it simple to offer a consistent, individualized learning experience. This platform delivers a clear image of workers’ training progress and requirements by utilizing a systematic training technique.

LearnUpon also offers a variety of connections with common applications to facilitate the incorporation of learning into an employee’s workflow. With an emphasis on user management, this microlearning platform makes it simple to assign and track employee development.

Key Features:

  • The course building tools allow you to create courses fast and easily using the built-in content library or your own.
  • To keep learners on track, training delivery tools include automated enrollment, scheduled courses, and email reminders.
  • Social learning and gamification are examples of learner engagement technologies that make learning enjoyable and engaging.
  • The portal is a one-stop shop for all of the learner’s educational needs.
  • The reporting capabilities give vital insights into the development and performance of students.
  • LearnUpon’s integrations with common technologies make it simple to link the platform to your existing systems.


Schedule a live demonstration to experience the capabilities of LearnUpon.

What Are Microlearning Platforms?

A micro-learning tool is a versatile, powerful solution that can be implemented in a variety of sectors and enterprises. It has a variety of training tools that may improve employee performance.

A microlearning platform may assist you in creating courses regarding app development, engaging learners with remote training, or providing interactive modules that can be finished in minutes. With their built-in content libraries and tools, microlearning platforms make it easy to build and administer training programs.

Using the proper microlearning platform’s authoring capabilities, you can ensure that your courses are dynamic and engaging. You may also discover systems with social learning, evaluation tools, and mobile compatibility, all of which strive to construct a training program tailored to your employees’ requirements.

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