Numerous individuals are aware of the advantages of closed captioning software. Whether viewing a movie or taking a training course, it is advantageous to read what is being spoken on the screen. In addition, text may be transformed from an image format to an editable text format using OCR software, enabling you to handle it as required. Then, translation software may harness the combined power of both of these instruments for any business seeking success in the global market of today.

However, what if a company wants to take things to the next level and genuinely go global?

This is where software for machine translation software comes into play. This application use machine learning and artificial intelligence to translate your material into several languages rapidly and effectively.

In this post, I rate and evaluate the top machine translation software based on their features, cost, translation capabilities, automation features, and other factors, with the goal of assisting you in locating the appropriate solution for your organization.

What Are The Best Machine Translation Software?

The following are the top machine translation software to consider.

1. Unbabel

machine translation software

Image Source: Unbabel

Unbabel develops a translation environment centered on the consumer by enabling you to transform documents and emails into different languages. By automating your translations, Unbabel can help you save time and money on marketing activities and customer service conversations.

Unbabel delivers accurate results that sound natural in the target language for organizations of all sizes. Unbabel is a great machine translation program for business customers because it combines the speed of machine translation, the polished results of expert translators, and the precision of modern artificial intelligence.

Key Features:

  • Using Unbabel’s talent marketplace, you can identify the ideal translation for your project in a matter of minutes based on their competence, not their language proficiency.
  • Streamline all language-related operations by integrating Unbabel’s APIs into your current workflows and systems.
  • Gain a complete perspective of your language strategy with real-time data revealing the performance of your translations.
  • With the Unbabel smartphone app, you can translate anywhere.


There are two pricing plans on offer.

  • Standard: Perfect for handling moderate levels of translation
  • Enterprise: Best suited for managing significant translation volumes and peaks

2. Crowdin

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Image Source: Crowdin

Crowdin offers agile localization to software firms who want to expand internationally. Crowdin is a great machine translation software for business customers that need to translate their content for worldwide audiences. It has a single dashboard for managing all projects.

Crowdin can assist you in translating your website, mobile application, or software. The ability to set tasks, produce reports, and monitor real-time progress allows you to maintain control over your translation initiatives.

You may also participate on any project by directly debating and editing translations on the Crowdin platform. Finally, context may be added to any project, ensuring that everyone is on the same page about the end product.

This distinguishes Crowdin from other machine translation software and might be the deciding factor in keeping the voice of your brand.

Key Features:

  • Invite users and create permission levels to provide access to your project to the appropriate individuals.
  • Advanced reports, such as cost estimates and translation costs, aid in the efficient management of projects.
  • Granularity of permissions enables you to manage what users may do inside your content.
  • The translation vendor marketplace provides access to a network of qualified translators.
  • On a single project, vendor organizations enable you to collaborate with several suppliers.
  • Integration with GitHub/GitLab/Bitbucket/Azure Repos enables translation management straight from your code repository.


Request a demo to get a personalized quote.

3. Azure Translator Text API

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Microsoft’s Azure Translator supports more than one hundred languages, so if you’re searching for volume, Azure may be the greatest machine translation software.

This technology is meant to be scalable and to efficiently process enormous quantities of text. Azure may be used for a variety of purposes, including website translation and chatbot creation.

With the ability to translate text with a single REST API query, our machine translation software may be quickly incorporated into your present operations. You may also utilize your preferred programming language (Python, Java, C, Go, and JavaScript) to further personalize your Azure experience.

Azure allows you to develop a custom translation model if you want your translations to use domain-specific terms. Finally, you may scale up or down based on your requirements, so you only pay for what you use.

Key Features:

  • This means that your material may be translated into more than one hundred languages.
  • Customizable translations enable the creation of a translation model that incorporates domain-specific terms.
  • Being production-ready indicates that the platform is intended to handle big quantities of text swiftly and effectively.


This platform provides either pay-as-you-go or commitment-based translation packages. There are also bulk savings, so the more you use Azure, the more affordable it gets.

4. memoQ Translator PRO

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Image Source:  memoQ Translator PRO

memoQ Translator PRO is an environment for computer-assisted translation that enables you to handle translation projects from start to end. memoQ Translator PRO makes it simple to keep track of your translations and guarantee that they are exact and consistent by storing everything in an one location.

memoQ Translator PRO was developed by translators for translators and is intended for users who want to operate the program on a conventional Windows operating system, enabling users to work without installing extra hardware. memoQ Translator PRO is a sophisticated workspace for translators that includes translation memory, terminology management, quality assurance, and project management capabilities, among others.

You may import tables or external term base files with a single key, allowing you to operate more effectively. You may be assured in the accuracy of your translations thanks to warnings that indicate when you use phrases that are not in your word base.

In addition, memoQ remembers every section you translate, allowing you to identify and reuse translations fast, saving you time and effort.

Key Features:

  • Collaborate with the appropriate individuals because memoQ Translator Pro allows you to manage user roles and permissions, giving you complete control over who can work on what.
  • Utilize the translation memory, terminology management, quality assurance, and project management capabilities provided by memoQ Translator Pro in order to increase your productivity.
  • Translation memory enables you to rapidly locate and reuse previously translated text, saving you time and effort.
  • Termbase guarantees that your translations are correct by highlighting instances in which you use words that are not in your word base.


Contacting their sales staff will result in a personalized proposal. If you are a freelance translator, memoQ translator pro may be purchased for $770.

5. TextUnited

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Image Source:  TextUnited

TextUnited provides accurate, trustworthy, and consistent translations by using extremely advanced technology. TextUnited is an outstanding machine translation software for business customers that need to translate their content for international audiences.

TextUnited provides better accurate translations than competing machine translation software thanks to a huge neural network that is always evolving. When translating, this platform considers the probability of certain word sequences, resulting in more accurate translations.

In addition, analyzing the original phrase in its whole while translating yields superior results and preserves the context of the information.

Key Features:

  • The ability to manage your material with simplicity and adaptability.
  • Create a termbase and utilize it for all future projects using a terminology loop.
  • Depending on the sort of information you’re translating, the statistical or neural engine that is optimal for the task will be utilized.
  • Reusing and training with your previous translations yields more precise results.


  • Free: $ 0 per month
  • Basic: $ 70 per month
  • Essential: $ 250 per month
  • Custom: Contact the sales team for more information.

What Are Machine Translation Software?

This program, often known as a machine translation engine, employs algorithms to translate text from one language to another. In today’s worldwide economy, where translation is an integral aspect of doing business, machine translation software has become a need for many businesses.

The quality of machine translations has vastly increased over the years, mostly due to the ongoing development of better machine translation engines. A multitude of machine translation software choices are available on the market, since translation tools have become a vital element of corporate operations for many corporations.

While many consider Google Translate to be the standard machine translation tool, there are other alternatives that may better fit your requirements and provide more reliable results.