The goal of knowledge management is to make sure that the proper information is available to the right people at the right time, whether they be workers or customers. In a poll, 91% of consumers stated they would utilize an online knowledge base if it were accessible, providing them with the answers they needed.

You can be sure that your company’s growth will be successful if you use the appropriate web software. Things tend to run more smoothly in a firm if the correct people have access to the right information. If they don’t, things might spiral out of control in a matter of weeks. Your workers’ expertise is difficult to measure, much alone use in a manner that makes sense. It’s possible to find a good knowledge management system, but most of them aren’t.

It took me a long time to find the most intuitive knowledge management software, but I finally discovered one that can help you better manage your ideas, procedures, and everything in between at work. Using this program is a breeze, even if you’ve never worked with anything remotely like it before.

Organization of information on any subject or project is simplified thanks to the businesses, ensuring that everyone engaged has quick and easy access to the information they need at any given point in time.

What Are the Most Effective Augmented Reality Apps?

Let’s find out.

1. Zendesk

What is Knowledge Management Software

Image Source: Zendesk

ZenDesk’s objective is to delight customers by offering tailored, conversational encounters across whatever channel they choose. Zendesk enables businesses to serve their consumers wherever they are online by providing comprehensive, seamless assistance that flows across channels.

Additionally, it empowers agents to put the client first, resulting in quicker outcomes and happier consumers. This makes Zendesk an excellent choice if you’re searching for software that will help you improve your customer relationships.

Key Features:

  • Individualize your interactions with each person by sending contextual messages that are optimized for each contact.
  • Utilize sophisticated reporting to have a better understanding of your support team’s and client base’s activities.
  • Create custom workflows to automate repetitive tasks depending on response times, agent performance, or other factors.
  • Zendesk’s developer platform equips your developers with everything they need to build custom experiences for your mobile, web, and social applications.


  • Suite Team: $49 per agent per month (billed annually)
  • Suite Growth: $79 per agent per month (billed annually)
  • Suite Professional: $99 per agent per month (billed annually)

2. Freshdesk

Knowledge Management Software

Image Source: Freshdesk

Freshdesk is a customer service platform that enables businesses to empower their agents to provide an exceptional level of customer support. Freshdesk’s cloud-based Customer Service Software, which is optimized for speed and simplicity, enables companies of all sizes to provide the finest possible service across all channels.

This product has a number of features that may help you reduce your support times while also providing quicker responses to your clients.

Key Features:

  • By accelerating the delivery of great customer care, consumers may realize a three-month increase in service productivity.
  • Additionally, Freshdesk increases agents’ awareness of their clients’ demands and helps them to automatically suggest the optimal alternative, ensuring that customers always get what they need.
  • Additionally, businesses will be able to contact Freshdesk at any time through real-time chat — 24 hours a day, if necessary. Customer help is accessible through Freshdesk Chat 365 days a year.


  • Growth: $15 per agent per month (billed annually)
  • Pro: $49 per agent per month (billed annually)
  • Enterprise: $79 per agent per month (billed annually)

3. Confluence

Knowledge Management Software

Image Source: Confluence

Confluence is a team collaboration platform that enables you to collaborate with customers, workers, and partners to exchange ideas and build relationships. Confluence enables you to establish and organize a workspace for your team to collaborate on projects and complete them more successfully.

This tool, offered to you by the world-famous Atlassian (also renowned for their Jira service management software), includes bookmarks, comments, and task boards, among other things. Confluence knowledge base software has an excellent feature in that it allows you to create spaces for each of your brands or departments. These spaces may be public or private.

You can quickly build a workspace for your team to discuss information about product updates, corporate announcements, and much more using Confluence Spaces. Additionally, it has an integrated wiki for internal experts that can assist your team with any issues they may have.

Key Features:

  • Encourage all teams, from marketing to engineering, to convey corporate news and promote company culture at all levels to increase productivity.
  • The Confluence Activity Stream notifies you when someone modifies a page, contributes to a conversation, or publishes new material. This results in a more efficient team that maintains the dialogue.
  • Confluence enables you to save time when uploading frequently used bits of information such as legal disclaimers or marketing links by allowing you to utilize snippets. Simply add them to a snippet library for instant access to useful information anytime you want it.
  • Confluence assists with document management by automatically indexing your critical documents and searching them through an easy company knowledge management software dashboard.


  • Standard: $500 per year (for the 1-10 user tier).
  • Premium: $1000 per year(for the 1-10 user tier).
  • Enterprise: Contact them to get a custom quote.

4. Zoho Desk

Knowledge Management Software

Image Source: Zoho desk

Zoho Desk is a knowledge management solution that enables you to give the correct information to customers and agents at the right time. It is utilized by over 50,000 firms worldwide to boost agent efficiency, boost customer satisfaction, and build loyalty. It streamlines your process and leverages the power of artificial intelligence to assist you in responding to client enquiries more quickly.

Additionally, Zoho Desk is accessible on both mobile and desktop platforms, ensuring optimum productivity. It’s an excellent choice if you’re searching for software that enables you to provide assistance to your clients across numerous channels. With the world’s first context-aware help desk, you can empower your customers to self-help and then reach out to you for assistance – all from a single point of contact.

Key Features:

  • Regardless of the items or services you supply, give trustworthy, high-quality help to your customers.
  • Accelerate your customer service team’s response time to provide support at any time.
  • Keep the capability of increasing customer satisfaction and ticket response time.
  • Provide a wide range of customization choices so you can provide your customers with the assistance they desire.
  • Give agents access to sophisticated reporting capabilities that reveal previous data about tickets for more in-depth data collection, analysis, and problem-solving capabilities.


  • Standard: $14 per month per agent (billed yearly)
  • Professional: $24 per month per agent (billed yearly)
  • Enterprise: $40 per month per agent (billed yearly)

5. Intercom

Knowledge Management Software

Image Source: Intercom

Companies of all sizes may benefit from Intercom’s customer knowledge management platform. With Intercom, you can connect with your consumers on a more personal level while also accelerating your company’s development.

A robust analytics engine integrated into Intercom’s customer communication platform enables marketers, salespeople, product managers, and support employees to engage more effectively with their customers.

Intercom’s portfolio of messaging, live chat, and help desk technologies integrates CRM software, marketing automation, and sales enablement into an one product.

Key Features:

  • Unique experiences are a wonderful way to generate positive buzz about your business, and Tour Builder enables you to build customized itineraries for each of your consumers.
  • With their platform, you can create bespoke tours that cater to new user onboarding and assist them in discovering what they desire.
  • Intercom enables you to design custom triggers that perform certain actions depending on the kind of message delivered, the sender, and the time of the message’s transmission.
  • You can accomplish more if you apply your expertise to repetitious queries.
  • The bulk of these recurrent queries are handled automatically by their bots, freeing you to focus on other aspects of your company.


If you’re interested in learning about Intercom’s various price points, you’ll have to visit their website to learn more about the plans they provide and the many features they include.

What is Knowledge Management Software?

A knowledge management software (KMS) is a system that enables workers (new and experienced) to easily access, exchange, and retain information with the goal of increasing efficiency.

While some KMS solutions are only focused on software engineering, others include general knowledge management and corporate content management (ECM).

The primary advantage of knowledge management is that it enables workers to share best practices, training materials, and frequently asked questions with other teams, saving them from having to figure it out on their own.

That is why KMS has been ingrained in the success strategies of several firms.

By enabling workers to effortlessly upload, save, and share information with their colleagues, knowledge-sharing software enables you to produce more ideas. Indeed, one of the primary advantages is increased production as a result of enhanced communication.

This occurs as a result of workers having quicker access to files.

The first step in adopting a KMS in your organization is to clearly define the challenges you are attempting to tackle.