Have you ever heard of kanban software? The word project management does not bring up ideas of workplace joy and enthusiasm. At the same time, many recognize that without proper project management, nothing can be done in a corporate environment.

Indeed, just 35% of project managers surveyed in 2020 expressed moderate satisfaction with the system in place at the time — a figure that leaves much to be desired. Kanban was developed as a method of project management that assists in keeping projects on schedule and under budget. Indeed, it’s encouraging to see that this technique has been implemented globally in recent years by firms of all sizes to assist them in managing their work more efficiently and effectively.

Without the appropriate Kanban project management tool, workers will feel disoriented, demotivated, and lose focus – and this is when things will rapidly deteriorate.

The main issue with adopting a Kanban solution into your workflow is that there are so many possibilities, which, in my view, makes it more difficult to pick the right one for you.

Regardless matter whether your organization uses sales management software, contact management software, or any other form of software, you will discover that the Kanban technique improves the efficiency of your processes — when done properly.

What is the Best Kanban Software?

Let’s find out.

best kanban software
Image Source: Monday.com

Monday.com is a software development and sales firm that specializes on developing and selling project management tools for teams of all sizes.

The company’s purpose is to empower individuals to work without boundaries, enabling them to easily design, operate, and grow their dream workflows on a single platform.

Monday.com delivers an intuitive user interface via which workers can plan, monitor, and deliver their team’s finest work in real time from any location. This may be accomplished with a few mouse clicks or finger swipes on tablets or smartphones.

Key Features:

  • Enhance your time management abilities by automating monotonous processes so that you can devote more time to critical projects and deadlines.
  • Enhance client satisfaction by establishing a single version of the truth that delivers real-time insight into project progress, future milestones, and other critical data.
  • Visualize your work in many perspectives to see what’s occurring now and what’s coming up next, to grasp your team’s backlog and how you may alter your course of action if necessary.
  • Since a consequence, you’ll have more confidence, as you won’t have to worry about forgetting anything.


  • Individual Package: Free Forever
  • Basic Package: $8 / seat / month
  • Standard Package: $10 / seat / month
  • Pro Package: $16 / seat / month
  • Enterprise Package: Contact Monday.com for more information.

2. Asana

best kanban software
Image Source: Asana

Asana is the world’s most popular team productivity tool. Asana enables teams to better organize their work, communicate and collaborate, and complete tasks without spending time on busy (but ineffective) tasks.

You may start a new project in Asana or import existing ones from other platforms such as JIRA, Basecamp, or Trello.

Once your project is created in Asana, you can split it down into tasks with assigned due dates and assign them to individual team members. You’ll always be aware of who is working on whatever assignment and how near they are to completion.

This is a project management application designed exclusively for collaborative work: from the minute details to the large vision. The engineers at the firm are on a quest to ensure that individuals can collaborate more effectively to tackle the correct challenges.

If you’re interested in a detailed comparison of Asana and Monday.com, check out my Asana vs. Monday article.

Key Features:

  • Less time wasted on repetitive tasks: You can create custom checklists, follow specific steps, or add your questions as a task progresses.
  • A single place to keep track of what everyone is working on: No more emailing back and forth about which project team members are assigned to or where you left off in a document.
  • With Asana, you can see your team’s progress and get a bird’ eye view of what needs to be done.
  • With Asana, you can set up a task to be completed more than once, add members to a project at any time and drop files into your tasks to make sure nothing gets lost in the email abyss.


  • Basic: $0
  • Premium: $13.49 per user per month
  • Business: $30.49 per user per month

3. Jira

best kanban software
Image Source: Jira

Jira Software is a robust agile Kanban project management application that is utilized by the world’s most successful software development teams. Jira Software was created to simplify the process of planning, tracking, and releasing quality software on a daily basis for your team.

Jira’s high-fidelity task tracking and real-time data visualizations help you understand what needs to be done, who is currently doing it, and how they are going – so you can make confident choices based on the most up-to-date information.

With Jira’s boards, sprints, and Kanban views, you can get real-time visibility into team activities and boost communication.

Additionally, Jira comes pre-integrated with hundreds of tools, allowing you to connect to your current tools. Jira Software is the greatest agile project management solution accessible since it centralizes everything you need to plan and monitor software projects.

Key Features:

  • Maintain a laser-like focus on generating rising and incremental value at the appropriate pace.
  • Communicate with stakeholders and attach Jira’s roadmap software to your team’s process with a few clicks.
  • Save time with Jira Software Cloud’s automated activities and procedures, so you can concentrate on the important job.
  • Track progress with a variety of customizable charts and built-in reports that are very straightforward for everyone – from project managers to business users.


  • Free: Always free for 10 users
  • Standard: $7 per user
  • Premium: $14 per user
  • Enterprise: Billed annually. Enterprise plan pricing is available when you enter 801 or more users above

4. Zoho Projects

best kanban software
Image Source: Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects is a cloud-based project management solution for enterprises that enables them to plan, monitor, and collaborate on projects.

Zoho Projects automates all of an organization’s workflow processes, including planning projects, allocating tasks to members in real time, and tracking who has done which tasks.

What’s the greatest part? It is accessible from any device – desktop or mobile – allowing you to work from home without missing a beat.

With a straightforward design, the company’s objective is to make it easier for customers to remain productive from anywhere in the globe. Businesses can complete tasks on schedule using Zoho Projects.

Key Features:

  • You may log bugs and problems to ensure they are resolved swiftly so your team can continue working.
  • Collaboration on papers is enabled, and they may be accessed from any computer in the globe. This allows you to concentrate more on your task without having to worry about losing track of what your team members are saying.
  • If another member of your team is working on a certain project alongside you, you’ll be able to see what’s being done and by whom using Zoho Projects.
  • You’ll be able to see the status of each project in real time, so you’ll always be aware of your team’s progress.


  • Free: up to 3 users
  • Premium: $5/user/month (up to 50 users)
  • Enterprise: $10/user/month (no upper limit)

5. Wrike

best kanban software
Image Source: Wrike

Wrike is the most powerful work management software in the world. Wrike enables you to power your contemporary agile teams and company to achieve more success than ever before.

Their adaptable, collaborative solution connects seamlessly with current systems, allowing everyone to keep on top of work on a global scale — and smash their objectives this year and beyond.

With Wrike’s simple but adaptable interface, your team can centralize project management and communicate efficiently to accomplish all of their objectives.

Whether you want assistance organizing projects or tracking time spent on certain activities, Wrike offers the tools necessary to do the job correctly.

Additionally, with sophisticated automation tools such as repeating scheduling and interfaces with other applications such as Slack, Trello, Jira, and Google Drive/Docs, it’s never been simpler for your team to collaborate productively.

Key Features:

  • The project manager may handle numerous projects simultaneously while maintaining greater control over each one in order to fulfill deadlines and complete work more quickly.
  • You’ll be able to launch your product on schedule, since there will be no last-minute scrambling to ensure everything is in order.
  • Reduce team stress and burnout to keep them performing at their best.
  • Ascertain that no critical components of a project are overlooked by including all stakeholders at the appropriate times.


  • Free: For teams getting started
  • Professional: $9.80 per user/month
  • Business: $24.80 per user/month
  • Enterprise: Get in touch to learn more about this

What is Kanban Software?

Prioritization of work is critical in the Kanban method software development process when it comes to item delivery.

This strategy aims to increase the consistency of flow inside an organization. This implies that work items should be easily transferable across stages and that activities should not get trapped in any one phase.

The advantage of this technique is that it is simple to grasp, which means that even individuals unfamiliar with project management can simply follow its processes.

Having said that, not many firms can afford to utilize kanban software to manage their projects, since this form of kanban system may be rather costly, depending on the features required and the plan selected.

To be successful with Kanban software, you must invest time and effort in the development of your workflow process. This will enable you to effectively organize your work and allocate the appropriate responsibilities to each team member.

Additionally, while selecting a kanban tool, it’s critical to note that some capabilities may be more critical than others, depending on your organization’s requirements.

For instance, a product designed for project management may be devoid of a customer relationship management component. This is why it’s a good idea to examine several kanban software packages in order to choose one that has just the features you need.

Additionally, consider the price tag, scalability (if your business continues to develop), personal preferences, add-ons, simplicity of use, and learning curve.

A good kanban solution should enable users to easily manage their whole process and its dependencies. Additionally, it should have all of the necessary functionality for effectively tracking work items as they go through each step of a project.