Managing diverse company costs is a headache for every business owner. The last thing you want to do is spend time organizing paper receipts and Excel spreadsheets.

To resolve these problems Invoicing software allows you to manage client payments, while expense report software handles company expenditures and staff reimbursements. The most effective expense report software makes it simple to manage receipts, submit costs, and get prompt reimbursement.

Using OCR software technology, many systems can read and submit receipts automatically, making the procedure even simpler. They also interact with enterprise resource planning software to simplify financial processes.

This article discusses the finest expense report software currently available and explains how it may help your organization save time and money while tracking spending.

What are the Best Expense Report Software?

The following are the best expense report software currently available.

1. Zoho Expense

expense report software

Image Source:  Zoho Expense

Zoho Expense is an outstanding solution for businesses who incur substantial travel costs. Therefore, this platform is an excellent option if you like to expedite the process of arranging trips and tracking spending.

Additionally, the program may be integrated with Zoho Books so that all of your money can be managed in a single location. You can also establish trip schedules and monitor travel costs in real-time, allowing you to always know where your workers are and how much they are spending.

This implies that manual travel mistakes may become a thing of the past, and you can even create travel profiles to make booking travel easier.

Key Features:

  • Receipt management allows you to keep track of all your costs and verify that they are accounted for accurately.
  • Expense management helps you to monitor the costs of your staff and determine where they spend the most money.
  • Mileage monitoring allows you to monitor how much your staff drive as well as other crucial areas of expenditure control.
  • Corporate card reconciliation guarantees that all card costs are accounted for accurately.
  • Direct feed connectivity enables you to link your accounting software directly to
  • Zoho Expense, allowing you to manage all your money in a single location.
  • Expenditure report management enables you to monitor and verify the accuracy of all employee expense reports.
  • Expenditure report automation guarantees that all expense reports are created automatically, eliminating the possibility of human mistake.


Start a 14-day free trial or request a demo to see the software in action.

2. Expensify

expense report software

Image Source: Expensify

Expensify can assist with all areas of your company spending, including monitoring, authorizing, and reimbursing workers. Employees may automate their expenditure reports, eliminating the possibility of human mistake.

You may even get a corporate credit card that connects with Expensify in order to manage all company costs. In addition, while using the Expensify card for business costs, you may get cash back.

The SmartScan function allows you to quickly and conveniently scan receipts for spending monitoring, eliminating the need for manual data input. Expensify is a terrific option for organizations of all kinds seeking to simplify their expenditure management.

Key Features:

  • The ability to scan receipts with a single click, eliminating the need for manual data input.
  • Corporate card reconciliation guarantees that all card costs are accounted for accurately.
  • Accounting, Human Resources, and Travel Integrations enable you to connect Expensify to your other business systems, allowing you to manage your expenses and finances in a single location.
  • Audit and Compliance guarantee that all of your costs are adequately recorded and in accordance with corporate policy.
  • Delegated access enables you to provide other users access to your account so they may assist with spending management.
  • Customizing your travel preferences enables you to specify your favourite travel providers in order to get the greatest travel rates.


  • Free: $0
  • Individuals & Self Employed Track & Submit: Free
  • Collect: from $5 /user/month with Expensify Card
  • Control: from $9 /user/month with Expensify Card

3. Ramp

expense report software

Image Source: Ramp

Ramp is the greatest cost reporting software overall due to its user-friendliness, powerful integrations, and extensive feature set. Ramp is an excellent option if you want to save time and streamline your cost reporting procedure.

Additionally, you may get insights on your firm, spanning from capital expenditure to staff efficiency. Using Ramp, you may get up to 20 times more capital and maintain spending control.

Establish the right guidelines to ensure your company’s compliance with tax regulations, and utilize data to increase your bottom line.

Key Features:

  • Matching receipts guarantees that all receipts are accounted for and accurately classified.
  • Errors are less likely when costs are automatically verified, and users may establish their own criteria for each spending category.
  • Digitalize your company’s cost policy by establishing the appropriate guidelines to ensure compliance with tax laws and by using the appropriate data to boost your bottom line.
  • Create your own rules for each spending category so that the program may classify expenses automatically.
  • Enable workers to monitor their costs in real-time to empower them.
  • Gain a real-time understanding of where workers are spending the most money on travels.


The software is free to use.

4. Rydoo

expense report software

Image Source: Rydoo

If you discover that your staff spends more time monitoring expenditures than doing their real duties, Rydoo may be a smart option. Rydoo increases team productivity by automating the process of expenditure management.

With AI in place to extract data from receipts, staff can quickly and easily report their costs. Additionally, Rydoo makes it simple for managers to authorize expenditures, resulting in streamlined reimbursement operations.

You may also utilize electronic receipts in this procedure, allowing workers to report costs even if they lose their paper receipts. Additionally, there are several interfaces with the most popular business software, allowing you to handle your funds in a single location.

Key Features:

  • Streamline your approval process and handle all of your company’s money while while increasing efficiency.
  • Utilize software that is compliant with all key international accounting standards to maintain worldwide compliance.
  • Using AI to extract receipts and automate the expenditure management process, you can handle your expenses in seconds, not minutes or hours.
  • Electronic receipts allow for reimbursement even if an employee forgets their paper receipt.
  • Improve the experience of your workers by making it simple for them to report costs and get prompt reimbursement.
  • New workers may quickly begin the expenditure management process when onboarding is streamlined.


  • Essentials: $10 / mo / billed annually
  • Pro: $12 / mo / billed annually
  • Enterprise: talk to their team for a custom quote.

5. Tallie

expense report software

Image Source: Tallie

Emburse Tallie facilitates expenditure reporting automation. The program includes several features that make spending tracking simple and expedite reimbursement.

Appropriate parties are able to approve costs from anywhere and export them to numerous accounting applications. With the ability to arrange trips and monitor spending in a single location, Tallie also assists with corporate travel management.

Additionally, the platform guarantees that rules are adhered to, so there is no need to worry about compliance.

Key Features:

  • One may configure an expenditure approval chain to guarantee that the appropriate individuals approve all charges.
  • Provide your staff with corporate cards so they may simply manage their spending.
  • The spending policy rules engine guarantees that all costs adhere to business policy.
  • Dynamic expenditure generation enables staff to generate fresh cost reports as required, and robust mobile apps make it simple to manage spending while on the go.


  • Basic Accounting: $50 /month
  • Cash Control: $95 /month
  • Enterprise: $200 /month

What Are Expense Report Software?

Expense reports are required for all businesses, but their creation and management may be time-consuming. Consequently, an expenditure management system assists firms in keeping track of employee spending, identifying cost-saving opportunities, and enhancing the efficiency of the reimbursement process.

Using this software, firms may simplify the whole expenditure management process, from recording spending to delivering reimbursements.

Why Is Expense Report Software Crucial For Businesses?

Although manual data input remains an option for firms, it is not the most effective method for tracking employee expenditures. Automatic production of expenditure reports saves firms time and money. Automating the preparation of expenditure reports is also beneficial for compliance.

With the proper solution for expenditure management, organizations may guarantee compliance with all applicable rules.A system for expenditure management may assist firms in submitting accurate and timely expense reports.