Every business has to concentrate on providing dynamic content, keep consumers informed about the current trends and boost the company’s exposure. According to Visix.com approximately 70 percent of Americans have been exposed to or recall seeing digital signage every month.

In my view, this is an undervalued marketing channel much like SMS marketing or virtual events to advertise your business’s goods and services.

Digital signage software solutions enable customers to remotely monitor their signs displays and play video presentations, images, music, etc. You’ll discover several free digital signage applications online, and you may select for free samples before making a purchase.

However, it is vital to choose one that best meets your business’s demands. To assist you make a decision, I’ve produced a list of the finest digital signage software available on the market today.

What Are The Best Digital Signage Software?

Let’s find out.

1. DigitalSignage.com


Image Source: DigitalSignage

DigitalSignage.com is a no-cost platform that enables small and medium-sized businesses to generate dynamic digital signage material and attract new customers. It is GPU-accelerated and operates on web browsers, tablets, smartphones, and set-top boxes — all of which are free.

Additionally, it supports flash, live television, HTML5, and HD movies, and enables remote content updates. When combined with an active customer support staff and a variety of widgets, DigitalSignage.com creates a one-of-a-kind solution that helps differentiate your brand.

Key Features:

  • Interface through touch screen.
  • Awe-inspiring content scheduler.
  • Processing on the GPU.
  • Numerous templates.
  • Contributes to sophisticated analytics.


  • Enterprise Edition Plan at $49/month
  • Privately Hosted Plan at $895 (one-time payment)

2. Viewneo


Image Source: Viewneo

Viewneo is an easy-to-use digital signage solution that is suitable for both small and big enterprises. It includes a starting kit that is compatible with all major operating systems, including Windows and Linux. Additionally, you may mix and match various components and features to create content that is unique to your business.

Viewneo claims that it is the only digital signage system that provides hardware solutions; as a result, you get features like face recognition, IoT gateways, smart hangers, and sensors.

Additionally, you may utilize plugins to enhance your digital signage’s capabilities. This involves data analysis, sensor-triggered events, audience participation monitoring, and the creation of more interactive content. Additionally, the FR-CAM supports face recognition, which enables you to have a deeper understanding of your viewers’ demographics and produce content appropriately.

Key Features:

  • Compatible with all major operating systems.
  • Allows users to collect demographic information.
  • System of interactive kiosks.
  • Video walls that may be customized.
  • Plugin for a live news ticker that displays critical messages.
  • Integration with Zapier is simple.
  • Compatibility with Google.
  • Chromecast and Amazon Firestick.


  • Viewneo Professional Pack at $18/month
  • Viewneo Enterprise Pack at $240/month

3. TelemetryTV


Image Source: TelemetryTv

Telemetry TV’s intelligent digital signage network claims to offer dynamic programming “in minutes.” It is compatible with Android, Linux, and iOS, among other platforms, making it very useful for a variety of enterprises.

Additionally, it enables you to monitor data and logs in order to determine the performance of a campaign. This makes it an excellent choice for small enterprises wishing to grow their network on a shoestring budget.

Key Features:

  • On-site assistance.
  • Dashboards that can be customized.
  • Integrating iFrames universally simplifies device provisioning.


  • Starter Plan at $66/month
  • Standard Plan at $335/month
  • Plus Plan at $700/month

4. Screenly OSE


Image Source: Screenly

Screenly OSE, or Open Source Edition, is a digital signage platform built on the Raspberry Pi that enables users to upload, manage, and schedule content for their digital displays. It was launched in 2012 and now powers 10,000 displays worldwide. You can develop, upload, and manage material on your signs boards with this program. Additionally, it enables you to view web sites, slideshows, movies, and images at their native high-definition quality.

Whether you’re looking to show digital menu boards or keep consumers informed about new product offerings, Screenly OSE is here to help. I should emphasize that Screenly OSE is not the same as the premium Screenly software. While OSE is a free program that is appropriate for single-screen use, the premium version is suggested for multi-screen operation.

The company provides a free 14-day trial, after which you may upgrade to a subscription if you want multiple screen monitoring. To get the program and establish an online account, you must first download it from GitHub. Additionally, you may construct personalized playlists and run screens offline. Additionally, you may expand the program to function across numerous displays, depending on your company requirements.

Key Features:

  • Display in full high definition.
  • Updates to software are performed automatically.
  • Authentication using two factors.
  • Priority playlists for material that is time-sensitive.
  • Facilitates the exchange of files.
  • Connectivity options include both wired and wireless.
  • Provides cloud-based storage.


Single-screen applications are the primary focus of Screenly OSE; however, if you are interested in using Screenly for enterprise-level applications, you may get in contact with the brand’s customer service staff for a tailored estimate. The Enterprise package includes features such as granular access restrictions and the ability to place large quantities of player orders.

5. NoviSign


Image Source: NoviSign

NoviSign is a digital signage platform that enables organizations in a variety of industries (hospital, education, and business) to produce personalized digital content and better their communication with their target audience.

The program provides seven templates organized by sector, from which you may choose one that fits your business and needs. NoviSign provides unique, configurable solutions for anything from social media postings to staff communications that work on all operating systems.

Additionally, it includes RSS feeds, widgets, and other applications that simplify the integration of information into displays. Additionally, it has a drag-and-drop option for adding HD films, slideshows, playlists, and event listings to your digital signs board.

Key Features:

  • Easy-to-use UI.
  • Compatibility with Microsoft Windows,
  • Google Chrome, and Android.
  • Templates that are adaptable.
  • Nearly twenty drag-and-drop widgets.
  • Dashboard for real-time monitoring.
  • Storage for media.
  • Scheduling of content.


As is the case with the majority of digital signage software, NoviSign provides a 30-day assessment period and then offers distinct options for small companies and corporations. The trial version includes functions such as scheduling, reporting, and file conversions.

For $20 per month, the Business plan includes 500MB of storage, unlimited support, and frequent performance reports. However, the brand’s website does not specify price for companies or multi-screening. You will need to contact them for further information.

What Is Digital Signage Software?

The term “digital signage software” refers to a computer-based application that enables users to design, arrange, and deliver information through digital multimedia signs. Generally, the software is used to remotely prepare and manage digital signs material.

However, what exactly is digital signage? Simply said, digital signage is any screen of any size that utilizes technologies such as LCD, LED, or projection to show digital pictures, video, streaming media, and information.

Digital signage has grown in popularity in recent years because it engages audiences far more effectively than static signage. All signs displays seem lively, current, and relevant thanks to moving pictures, visually attractive graphics, and the ability to update and modify the message instantaneously.