While this is a crucial function of these tools, the finest transcribing software is capable of doing other tasks as well. Some of the greatest VOIP providers employ this software to deliver services such as automated captioning, real-time translation, and the creation of video subtitles.

Furthermore, some of the greatest work-from-home jobs require utilizing such tools to convert audio recordings into written material. However, dictation software takes things one step further.

This program allows users to create and format documents, ‘write out’ email answers, and even navigate the Internet by speaking. As you might guess, this provides dictation software users with several opportunities to increase their productivity.

Nevertheless, not all dictation software is equal.This article ranks and reviews the finest dictation software based on features, cost, voice learning capabilities, and other factors, enabling you to select the ideal solution for your specific requirements.

What Is The Best Dictation Software?

The following are the best dictation software currently available.

1. Google Docs Voice Typing

Dictation Software

Image Source: Google

Google Docs Voice Typing is a speech-to-text function that may be used to convert audio to text. Simply talk clearly and loudly, and Google Docs will handle the rest.

This tool’s costlessness is one of its finest features, so if you’re on a tight budget, it’s an excellent choice. Another benefit of Google Docs Voice Typing is its user-friendliness.

There is no need to install software or create an account; you may instantly begin using it. Voice Typing makes it simple to dictate audio whether you’re using Google Docs, Slides, or any other Google tool. Voice Typing may only be used with the Chrome web browser.

Key Features:

  • Voice commands allow you to format your document as desired. You may format words or paragraphs, alter the size of the font, and make text bold or italic.
  • Edit your document as you go along. You may remove, add, and even substitute individual words with others.
  • Voice Typing makes adding and editing tables in a document simple. You may combine cells and add rows or columns.
  • Hands-free navigation of your document using voice commands. You may go to the next or previous page, the top or bottom of the page, or scroll up or down.
  • Voice Typing may be stopped once your dictation is complete.
  • If you make an error when dictating, you may restart Voice Typing from where you left off.


Google Voice is free to use.

2. Microsoft Word speech to text.

Dictation Software

Image Source: Microsoft

If you’re an obsessive Microsoft Office user, you’ll be pleased to learn that Office has a speech-to-text function. Open a new Microsoft Word document and click the “Dictate” button in order to activate the speech-to-text capability.

After clicking this button, you may begin speaking and your words will be converted to text. One of the benefits of utilizing Microsoft Word for speech-to-text is the ability to format the document as you go.

By saying “bold that,” “italicize that,” or “underline that,” you may bold, italicize, or underline words. Additionally, you may add bullet points, numbered lists, and headings by saying “add a bullet point,” “add a numbered list,” or “insert a heading.”

Key Features:

  • You may add basic punctuation signs such as periods, question marks, and commas using punctuation features.
  • You can make changes to your text without having to return and re-edit it.
  • Creating lists is an excellent way to organize your ideas, and you can do it with a few simple voice commands.
  • You may incorporate notes into your paper without stopping your Dictation by adding comments.


  • Free for use with Microsoft Office applications.

3. Dragon Professional Individual

Dictation Software

Dragon Professional Individual by Nuance is the best overall dictation software. This application is meant for professionals that need to write lengthy papers fast and effectively.

When you acquire this program, you also have access to the Dragon Anywhere Mobile app, which enables you to create documents with your voice while on the road. With a fully customized user interface, powerful transcription options, and exceptional accuracy, it’s no surprise that Dragon Professional Individual is regarded as one of the top dictation programs.

Using the software’s powerful macro-creation features, you may also simplify repetitive tasks. With a platform that employs Deep Learning technology, accuracy and usefulness will continue to improve over time. There are further products manufactured by the same firm, such as Dragon Home, which is designed for the ordinary computer user.

Key Features:

  • Create macros that save time and automate complicated procedures
  • Import and export custom word lists for frequently used acronyms
  • Work inside prevalent business apps to dictation them directly.
  • Use voice-activated formatting, such as bold or italics
  • Smart Format Rules adapt automatically to how you wish to format abbreviations, numbers, and dates in your papers.
  • Optimizes accuracy for accented voices


The program is available as a digital download for $500. You may also contact their sales staff for large orders.

4. Apple Dictation

Dictation Software

Image Source: Apple Dictation

Apple Dictation may be used to convert voice to text on any Apple device, including the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. It is an iOS feature, thus there is no need to download any third-party applications.

You must activate Dictation in the Settings app if you wish to type with your voice instead of your keyboard. After enabling Dictation, you may begin using it simply pressing the microphone icon on the keyboard.

Apple Dictation transcribes your voice into text using Siri’s speech recognition engine. With a function that highlights a word if the software is uncertain about its meaning, Apple Dictation makes it simple to fix mistakes. The app is also accessible on Mac, providing the same user experience as iOS devices.

Key Features:

  • Utilize punctuation and formatting:
  • With Apple Dictation, you may include full stops, question marks, and commas in your text. Additionally, you may style your content by typing “new line” or “all capitals.”
  • The program will indicate any terms for which it is doubtful with a blue underline. The word may then be tapped to choose the right spelling.
  • It’s easy to get started using this software.


Free to use with Apple devices.

5. Otter

Dictation Software

Image Source:  Otter

Otter is another excellent dictation software application, and it is the greatest choice for individuals who must transcribe a considerable deal of audio. Otter’s import function enables you to transcribe audio from a variety of sources, such as recorded meetings, seminars, and phone conversations.

In addition, Otter supports real-time transcription, which is ideal for live events like as conferences. This program also provides great collaboration capabilities, enabling you to share transcripts with your colleagues and provide comments.

Otter is the ideal tool for capturing meeting minutes and brainstorming sessions for busy professionals that need to keep organized.

Key Features:

  • Get the most out of your meetings by automatically transcribing and saving them.
  • Get smarter with Otter by using the search function to find critical points in your transcripts.
  • Access Otter anywhere by logging into your account on the web or using the mobile app
  • Accessibility and inclusivity features such as live captioning and transcription in multiple languages.


These are the pricing plans on offer:

  • Basic: Free
  • Pro: $8.33
  • Business: $20
  • Enterprise: Contact sales for a customized plan

What Is Dictation Software?

Dictation software enables the conversion of spoken words to text. This sort of software is also known as voice recognition or speech-to-text software. The dictation program is compatible with laptops, desktops, and mobile devices. Typically, the program needs a microphone that you talk into.

Your input is subsequently translated to text and shown on screen. Voice recognition software is advantageous since it eliminates the need for typing. Additionally, it may be used for a variety of activities, such as taking notes, writing essays, and sending emails. Voice-to-text technology allows you to format text without using a keyboard.

The development of voice recognition software enables the creation of almost error-free papers. One may also utilize a particular voice command using dictation tools to conduct different editing operations, such as removing a word or phrase. This software’s human language interface makes it simple to do tasks without ever touching a keyboard or mouse.