As firms attempt to stay competitive, the customer experience software is a constant concern in the business sector. To establish long-lasting customer connections, organizations must give customers (and prospective customers) with exceptional experiences at each touchpoint.

You have additional options to enhance your customer’s experience now that customer data platforms aggregate data from different sources and provide you with an all-encompassing picture of your customers. In addition, with connectors to CRM software platforms that can automate processes and workflows, organizations have never had access to such a variety of client management software. Given the abundance of information sources, one cannot condemn firms for not knowing where to look. The key to heading in the correct path is, after all, being careful about the information you chose to believe.

In this post, I will rate the current top customer experience software systems to assist you in selecting the optimal solution for your organization.

What Are The Best Customer Experience Software?

The following are the top platforms to consider when seeking the best customer experience management software comparison.

1. Freshdesk

Customer Experience Software

Image Source:  Freshdesk

Freshdesk is a fantastic option for businesses seeking a unified support, sales, marketing, and IT solution. The mix of accessible goods makes it simple to create an exceptional client experience.

Freshdesk is a popular option for individuals seeking customer experience software that doesn’t interfere with company operations due to its ability to house everything in an one location. The ability to participate in more meaningful discussions simplifies the support process and enables you to complete more business.

In addition, the program is continuously updated with new features that increase your productivity.

Key Features:

  • Monitor the health of your customers in order to discover problems early and prevent them from becoming serious.
  • Manage “At Risk” clients proactively to ensure they have the best experience possible.
  • Transform conventional “business firefighting” into a pleasurable process via which you swiftly settle client complaints.
  • By upselling and cross-selling pertinent items and services, you may increase the value of each client.
  • Assist the appropriate individuals in your company in discovering actionable consumer trends so they may make educated choices about the future of the firm.


  • Estate: $79 per user per month
  • Forest: $129 per user per month

2. Salesmate

Customer Experience Software

Image Source:  Salesmate

Salesmate facilitates the development and expansion of income via client interactions. It is ideal for sales and customer success teams seeking to enhance cooperation and improve their processes. With simple, individualized, and modifiable dashboards, it’s simple to get started with Salesmate and obtain the desired outcomes.

The capability to manage contacts and sales across channels, automate processes, and get real-time business analytics makes Salesmate a top option for businesses seeking to enhance the customer experience software. If you want to convert more prospects into customers and keep them satisfied, Salesmate’s extensive capabilities will guarantee that you provide an exceptional customer experience.

Key Features:

  • A visual sales pipeline aids in tracking and managing the whole sales process.
  • Email and calendar synchronization streamlines and organizes your sales process by automatically generating tasks, appointments, and events in
  • Salesmate based on emails and calendar inputs.
  • Tracking sales activity enables you to determine which actions are most successful in advancing prospects through your sales funnel and generating money.
  • Sales sequences allow you to automate monotonous operations so you can concentrate on selling, while lead assignment assures fast follow-up for every lead.


  • Starter: $12
  • Growth: $24
  • Boost: $40
  • Enterprise: Custom

3. Qualtrics

Customer Experience Software

Image Source: Qualtrics

Qualtrics is ideal for firms that place a premium on the individual customer experience customer experience software. It includes a variety of tools that enable you to gather consumer feedback, assess customer happiness, and pinpoint areas for development.

Qualtrics’ superior listening engine enables you to notice even the most subtle shifts in customer opinion. With journey management, you may also acquire a comprehensive picture of your clients’ experiences, allowing you to improve the whole customer journey.

Qualtrics is a wonderful option if you want to offer an amazing customer experience by really understanding what people are saying about your organization.

Key Features:

  • Improve client loyalty and retention each time a consumer contacts you.
  • Attract the correct kind of target audience to optimize your client acquisition process.
  • Reduce the cost of delivering the proper service while maintaining good customer service.


You’ll have to request a demo to get pricing information.

4. Hubspot Service Hub

Customer Experience Software

Image Source: Hubspot Service

Hubspot Service Hub is ideal for companies who recognize that modern clients deserve only the greatest service and an unforgettable experience. The problem is that most customer care representatives lose sight of the consumer in favor of the assignment. This is where Hubspot Service Hub may be of use. Numerous features assist keep the consumer at the forefront of your service.

In addition, it provides an excellent knowledge source for swiftly resolving difficulties without involving the consumer. The automated capabilities enable you to devote more time to more important duties, while the reporting elements allow you to monitor your progress and discover areas for improvement.

You may see the chances that enable you to give the highest quality service in an original and individual manner. If you want to provide world-class service to your client base, then Hubspot Service Hub is the best solution for you.

Key Features:

  • Help desk and ticketing modules facilitate the tracking and resolution of client complaints.
  • Service analytics guarantees that you have the necessary data to enhance your service.
  • Team management allows you to properly manage your team and delegate duties.
  • Fully integrated CRM provides a comprehensive customer perspective.
  • A shared inbox facilitates team collaboration on client concerns.
  • Conversation intelligence employs AI to aid in the comprehension of consumer sentiment.


  • Starter: Starts at $45/mo
  • Professional: Starts at $800/mo
  • Enterprise: Starts at $3,200/mo

5. LiveAgent

Customer Experience Software

Image Source: LiveAgent

LiveAgent enables you to respond to more tickets in less time with its robust capabilities. With over 130 ticketing functions, LiveAgent is among the most feature-rich customer care software on the market.

Additionally, it offers a variety of interfaces that enable you to link it to other applications you may be using. Being the highest-rated chat widget in the world, LiveAgent is also one of the most popular customer care programs available today.

If you want to increase customer satisfaction by minimizing wait times while also providing more customized service, LiveAgent is an excellent software option to explore.

Key Features:

  • Custom domains let you to use your domain name with customer service software.
  • Included are an infinite number of users, allowing you to add as many as necessary.
  • The program is fully adaptable and expandable, allowing you to customise it to your exact requirements.
  • You are able to keep track of all client contacts thanks to the indefinite availability of call recordings.
  • Attendant call transfers assist in routing calls to the appropriate agent.
  • The platform’s suitability for both incoming and outbound calls makes it suited for both sorts of customer care.


  • Free: $0/agent/month
  • Ticket+Chat: $29/agent/month
  • All-inclusive: $49/agent/month

What Are Customer Experience (CX) Software?

Customer experience software is a collection of solutions that aids businesses in boosting customer happiness and loyalty. With customer experience management software (CXM), businesses may get a comprehensive understanding of client interactions and feedback. In order for businesses to boost customer satisfaction, they must comprehend what consumers are saying about the goods and services they provide.

This also implies that when more consumer data is gathered, it becomes simpler for businesses to find improvement opportunities.

Customer experience management software may allow businesses to:

  • Obtain a thorough grasp of their ideal consumer.
  • Recognize consumer sentiment
  • Analyse client comments to increase customer satisfaction

There are several forms of customer experience software, but they all serve the same purpose: to assist businesses in enhancing customer happiness.

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