Artificial intelligence (AI) is continuously altering how humans interact with the surrounding technologies. In recent years, AI has changed the customer service sector by spawning a variety of tools and software that allow organizations to provide more customized and effective customer care.

Call monitoring software enables organizations to monitor customer interactions and collect data that can be used to enhance the customer experience. Live chat software allows organizations to provide real-time customer service and instantaneous responses to client inquiries.

Conversational intelligence software provides organizations with the capacity to automatically generate leads, qualify prospects, and complete agreements. In other words, it helps organizations to engage in more intelligent discussions across several channels with their consumers.

This article examines the top conversational intelligence software that may assist organizations in engaging with consumers more successfully.

This article examines the top conversational intelligence software that may assist organizations in engaging with consumers more successfully.

What Are The Best Conversational Intelligence Software?

Here are the top conversational intelligence applications now available to organizations.

1. Chorus

Conversational Intelligence Software

Image Source: Chorus

If you want to maximize the value of every engagement with your leads and prospects, you need a robust conversation intelligence solution such as Chorus.

Chorus is meant to assist sales teams complete more transactions by enabling them to see what’s working (and what’s not) in their interactions with customers.

Chorus has various characteristics that make it a potent conversation intelligence tool and make it a scalable solution suitable for small companies and large enterprises alike. You may examine all of your organization’s meetings, determine which subjects are covered, and discover opportunities for improvement.

With an emphasis on relationship intelligence that accelerates the movement of transactions through your sales funnel, Chorus is an excellent conversation intelligence platform for firms seeking to complete more deals.

Key Features:

  • Identify revenue risks so you can prevent them.
  • Motivate team performance and enhance sales outcomes.
  • Develop strong and intelligent connections with those that matter.
  • Use permissions that enable complicated organizations so you can govern who has access to what data.
  • Enterprise-grade security and compliance to keep your data safe and secure.

2. Allego

Conversational Intelligence Software

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Allego aids in sales training by allowing you to listen in on your sales representatives’ calls and providing you with specific information about their performance.

If teaching your team to enhance their sales outcomes is a priority of yours, Allego is a tool that can help you rapidly identify and solve the errors that your sales representatives are making. This conversation intelligence platform also allows you to establish a library of best practices, allowing you to teach your sales representatives on what is effective.

Allego’s capacity to delve deeply into what makes your organization tick enables it to assist you in advancing your sales operation. Allego enables you to do more effective sales actions and fewer failed ones.

Key Features:

  • AI-driven analysis may help you see trends in your consumer interactions and determine what is and isn’t working.
  • Data-driven performance coaching enables you to assess the performance of your sales representatives and discover areas for development.
  • The effectiveness of a sales training program may be determined by level-jump performance and outcomes.
  • You can easily locate the information you need in your recordings by searching for keywords, phrases, and subjects.
  • Filter your records in order to locate the most relevant calls.


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3. CallRail

Conversational Intelligence Software

Image Source: CallRail

CallRail utilizes conversation intelligence to transcribe phone conversations and trace the marketing effort that led to a particular call. CallRail is a terrific option to explore if you feel as though your company is lacking the crucial information that might make all the difference.

CallRail automates the tiresome task of manually transcribing phone conversations so that you can concentrate on running your company. This is made possible by artificial intelligence that analyzes different interactions. Then, you can also choose the terms you want to search for when identifying leads and clients.

This means that you can monitor and adjust your marketing activities based on your most significant interactions. Doing this regularly over time will offer you an advantage over your competitors since you will know precisely what is working (and what isn’t) with your inbound marketing.

Key Features:

  • Call monitoring reveals which marketing activities generate phone calls for a firm.
  • You may analyze what was said and find areas for improvement using call transcripts, which give a written record of each phone conversation.
  • Keyword research enables you to comprehend which keywords are used by clients when they phone your company. This data may be used to enhance your marketing strategies.
  • Form monitoring enables you to know which forms are filled out on your website and how they are used.
  • A custom form builder then allows you to construct forms for your website that can be used to gather information from clients or monitor their interactions.


  • Call Tracking: $45
  • Conversation Analytics: $95
  • Marketing Analytics: $95
  • Analytics Suite: $145

Then, you will have to account for use depending on the quantity of call minutes and text messages you need to monitor.

4. Jiminny

Conversational Intelligence Software

Image Source: Kudan

With the potential of saving your sales representatives an hour and a half every week, Jiminny is a potent conversation intelligence tool that may assist you in scaling your sales organization. Jiminny is worth examining if you’ve been searching for a method to boost and streamline your sales process.

Automatic call recording and transcription provides total insight into your customer interactions. This facilitates discovery and comprehension to enhance the sales process. Jiminny is a good alternative if you’re searching for a solution that helps create team confidence and boost sales performance.

Key Features:

  • Give your sales representatives the opportunity to view recordings of their calls at any time, from any location.
  • With Jiminny’s clever voice recognition, you can instantly identify the crucial times in customer interactions.
  • Analyze sales performance to determine what is and is not working.
  • Obtain total transaction visibility with Jiminny’s Deal Insights.


Plans starting from $85 /user per month, billed annually. There is also an Enterprise plan, but you’ll have to contact Jiminny for details. There is also a free 14-day trial on offer.

5. SalesLoft

Conversational Intelligence Software

Image Source: SaleLoft

SalesLoft is a good alternative if you’re searching for a comprehensive sales solution. SalesLoft, a robust sales engagement platform, offers customers with all the tools they need to manage client contacts and complete more transactions.

SalesLoft is a solution to explore if you want to transform your sales calls into a scientific, repeatable, and scalable process. With a variety of buyer interaction tools, you will be able to tailor your approach to each consumer and boost your chances of completing the sale. You may also create bespoke playlists of talks that can be used to teach new sales representatives or refresh your knowledge.

Key Features:

  • Cadence + Automation enables you to establish a repeatable and scalable sales process.
  • Dialer + Messenger delivers the tools necessary to handle client contacts.
  • Conversations assist you comprehend what customers are saying throughout transactions.
  • You can follow the progression of your offers through the sales funnel using Deals.
  • Forecast allows you to see your anticipated sales outcomes.
  • Analytics + Reporting offers insights into your sales performance.


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What is Conversational Intelligence Software?

Conversation intelligence software is a relatively new class of AI sales tools meant to assist sales teams in capturing, transcribing, analyzing, and coaching sales conversations. These solutions seek to enhance the overall effectiveness of sales teams by providing them with insights into the most effective selling methods.

A conversation intelligence platform enables a sales team to analyze historical sales calls, find patterns and trends, and teach their representatives on how to improve their performance. In addition, conversation intelligence solutions enable customer-facing employees to automate repetitive processes, such as call transcription, so they may concentrate on more strategic endeavors.

Given the importance of customer satisfaction to the success of any firm, it is not surprising that conversation intelligence software is one of the hottest new areas of sales technology.