Do you even heard about closed captioning software? Closed captions enable video information become more accessible to everyone, cutting over language and hearing handicap barriers. Additionally, they may raise SEO ranks to enhance the significance of your page or website.

On top of that, closed captions may assist you better monetise your YouTube channel since closed captions are a component in YouTube’s organic algorithm.

In fact, closed captions may enhance audience retention by 12 percent on Facebook. Research also reveals that 35 percent of individuals like to switch on the “cc” option when viewing movies. That’s why I will speak about the greatest closed caption software on the market today.

What is the Best Closed Captioning Software?

Let’s find out.


Closed Captioning Software
Image Source: Vitac

Vitac the nation’s leading closed captioning firm, provides quality closed captioning services for both offline and online video platforms. It supports live captioning on Youtube, Zoom, Live Stream, AdobeConnect, and Skype.

Vitac does this by integrating video through API platforms, several television network connections, smooth switching, and extensive linguistic research conducted by its staff. Captions are prepared as separate text files, which may then be synchronised with the corresponding video.

This manner, users may toggle captions on or off based on their preferences. Additionally, the caption files undergo required decoders, which allow Vitac to amend or reupload them in the event of a mistake or future inconsistencies in the video.

Additionally, users may pick from a variety of alternative captioning providers in a variety of languages, including Spanish and French. The platform employs a crew of highly experienced and skilled captioners that work around the clock to meet predetermined turnaround timeframes.

Vitac users may get captions (or transcripts) in the srt file format for easy posting and interaction with social network videos. Additionally, it supports the addition of hard-coded or open captions.

Key Features:

  • Caption files that automatically sync.
  • Captions in many languages.
  • Captions in real time for online videos and conferences.
  • Integrations for remote meetings.
  • Integrations with social media.


Because Vitac does not publish its price, consumers may seek quotations through the specialized service page. They may simply create a free account by filling out the provided form with a few data and the project specs.

2. 3Play Media

Closed Captioning Software
Image Source:  3PlayMedia

3Play Media is a full-service video accessibility platform that specializes in providing accurate, rapid, and easy closed captioning. The turnaround time varies according on the video minutes or file size and might range between two hours and four business days.

As with Rev, users may upload needed files directly to the platform or through links, integrations, or bespoke APIs (Application Programming Interfaces). It will next undergo two rounds of high-quality transcription to achieve the highest level of accuracy possible.

Once complete, the captions file may be downloaded in a variety of formats suitable with the majority of video-playing and video-integrated systems. It has an intuitive user interface via which individual users or businesses may log in to finish the order process.

Along with closed captioning, 3Play provides translation and audio description services to assist users with doing different activities on a single platform. You may contact a dedicated account manager at any time to monitor the process and guarantee that your deadlines are reached.

It is built on a proprietary technological platform that includes 11 patents, private databases, and artificial intelligence or machine learning. Additionally, the site employs 2,000 video editors who assist with captioning, subtitling, and transcription.

Key Features:

  • Turnaround time is adaptable.
  • Tracking development in real time.
  • 50 different file types.
  • Automated workflows and data encryption.
  • Services that adhere to SLAs.
  • Accuracy, timeliness, and security are all guaranteed.


  • Express Plan for a single user
  • Pro Plan for multiple users
  • Enterprise Plan for businesses

3. CaptioningStar

Closed Captioning Software
Image Source: CaptioningStar

CaptioningStar is a corporation established in New York that provides a variety of video captioning services, including closed captioning, open captioning, real-time captioning, and emergency live captioning. Captioners labor 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure 99 percent accuracy and quick turnaround times.

The program supports all major video and audio file types, allowing users to upload essential movies straight from their PCs. Additionally, it interacts with a variety of video services, allowing users to “lift” movies from sites such as Youtube, Dropbox, and Vimeo.

If available, you may upload or paste the transcript. Alternatively, this program will produce one to assist the built-in captioning tool in automatically generating captions. After the captioning is complete, you may download it in one of the 18 captioning formats available, including webvtt and srt.

Users may contact CaptioningStar’s production crew at any time, with a response time of 15 minutes. Additionally, they may contact the customer care staff through several social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Key Feature:

  • IoT data may be used to connect the physical and digital worlds.
    Create AR experiences with ease, thanks to thorough instructions that will walk you through the process.
  • AR training allows you to efficiently train new employees and service professionals.
  • You can get up and running fast and easily with web-based quotation and licensing management.
  • You’ll always have the most up-to-date features and functionality if you have access to all software updates.
  • Their pay-as-you-go concept allows you to scale your deployment as necessary.


You’ll have to create an account to access their exact fees and prices.

4. Rev

Closed Captioning Software
Image Source: Rev

Rev is a multi-purpose cloud-based software that provides premium, on-demand closed captioning, human and automatic transcription, and foreign subtitles. It offers captions with an accuracy of up to 99 percent and a turnaround time (TAT) of between two and 25 hours.

It makes use of one of the greatest voice recognition AI (Artificial Intelligence) systems available and the biggest community of “speech-to-text” freelancers, which contributes to the quick turnaround time. Additionally, the platform has an intuitive design that enables simple account creation and setup.

Users may upload video files or URLs or copy and paste links from video sources such as Youtube or Vimeo. Because the program is not downloaded, users are not at risk of malware assaults, compatibility concerns, or unwanted pop-ups.

Rev will provide the caption file (often in format) via email once the captioning is complete. Additionally, it provides captions in various appropriate file formats for ease of access.

You may choose the burned-in captions (open captioning) option at checkout to embed permanent subtitles straight into your movie.

Additionally, it includes a video editor with a variety of tools to assist customers in editing the final film to their specifications. Additionally, you may access it using the Android and Apple mobile apps.

Key Features:

  • Uploads of confidential video files and URLs.
  • Provides a variety of caption files that are compatible.
  • Experts in closed captioning are accessible 24 hours a day.
  • Video editor and associated utilities integrated.
  • Service of open captions.
  • Mobile apps for iOS and Android.


  • Two hours for a file that is between zero and five minutes in length.
  • Seven hours for a file that lasts between five and 10 minutes.
  • 12 hours for a file that is between ten and thirty minutes in length.
  • 25-hour turnaround time for a 30- to 60-minute file.

    Rev charges a flat rate of $1.25 per video minute and does not charge additional fees for delivery or “difficult” audio files.

5. MacCaption And CaptionMaker

Closed Captioning Software
Image Source: CaptionMaker

MacCaption And CaptionMaker is a commercially available closed captioning and subtitling application for Mac devices. However, it also provides a Windows-compatible version of CaptionMaker.

Once video files are submitted to the platform, the platform’s integrated e-captioning technology enables users to write, modify, encode, and reuse captions for TVs, the web, and mobile devices.

Additionally, it streamlines the process of ensuring that the captions adhere to current regulatory standards. This enables the integration of captions for online or television broadcasts to be quick, simple, and effective.

Additionally, the program is capable of performing large volumes of caption processing tasks, such as text insertion and extraction, format conversions, timing, and frame rate modification.

You may automate the whole operation by performing sub-clipping or clip assembling processes and integrating the final product with platforms such as Vantage. Apart from being directly integrated into media files, it allows users to troubleshoot and inspect video files.

The platform’s recent inclusion of timed-text speech (speech-to-text) enables automated transcription in over 100 languages for the creation of closed captions. This is useful for time-sensitive assignments when you cannot afford to wait for a separate transcribing provider.

Key Features:

  • Troubleshooting and quality control procedures.
  • Integration of workflows in an automated manner.
  • Transcription by machine.
  • Conversion tool for many formats.
  • Adjustment of the frame.


  • Desktop Edition at $1,898
  • Pro Edition at $6,598
  • Enterprise Edition at $15,525

What is Closed Captioning Software?

Closed captioning software enables video makers and owners to add text to their videos for the purpose of interpretation. The text is often a transcription of the current audio segment, which may also include non-speech sounds, such as music.

Users may either insert the text directly into the video or submit it separately, depending on the software’s functionality. Numerous systems allow users to produce closed captions manually or automatically from transcripts.