Best RMM software (also known as remote monitoring and management software) allows users to control their devices remotely through a network.

Despite the fact that these computers are not in close vicinity, such software can do tasks such as inventory management, patch management, remote desktop software, status monitoring and reporting, and so on.

You can use data migration software to transfer data from one storage device to another. However, it is not all-encompassing and does not apply to every scenario.

You’ll be able to remotely monitor and receive information from a network of devices connected to your organization using RMM software.

You’ll also be able to perform any necessary repairs if they break down or become infected with malware, as well as maintain their overall security.

In this article, I’ll provide you an overview of the top RMM software for networking pros on the market.

These are based on characteristics like:

  • Popularity and user base.
  • Pricing.
  • Ease-of-use.
  • Compatibility with significant network devices.
  • Features offered.
  • And more.

Let’s jump right into this topic.

What Is The Best RMM Software?

The greatest RMM software on the market right now is as follows.

1. NinjaOne


Image Source: NinjaOne

NinjaOne  (previously NinjaRMM) has consistently been ranked first in the RMM software category.

NinjaOne promises to increase the efficiency of your team while also increasing the security of your company. You may start using NinjaOne in minutes thanks to a short implementation process.

The platform comes with pre-built integrations, making your IT administration procedure a breeze.

Because of the software’s comprehensive support for management platforms and devices, you may remotely manage any part of your business. NinjaOne is a wonderful solution if you want to swiftly address the most common issues and automate your entire IT process.

Key Features:

  • You may control all endpoints remotely using endpoint management across several platforms.
  • You can monitor and maintain your whole network from a single console with centralized access.
  • You may automate routine chores and operations with ease using a custom scripting feature.
  • Patch management guarantees that patches and updates are automatically applied to all of your endpoints.
  • Integrated cloud backup to protect the data on your network.


With this software solution, you only pay per device that you manage.
In addition, there are only monthly payment plans, which means that you won’t pay extra for any add-ons that you don’t need.

2. Atera


Image Source: Atera

Atera gives you the ability to be proactive when it comes to system and network monitoring. If you want to catch problems before they get out of hand, this RMM solution can help.

Maintaining a secure environment requires staying connected and being aware of your company’s IT changes, which Atera will assist you with. In addition, Atera guarantees to be there for you anytime you need it.

You can manage all of your clients from a single dashboard if you use a PSA and RMM platform.

Key Features:

  • Receive real-time notifications when problems arise on your company’s networks.
  • To ensure total visibility of your business’s systems, monitor hard disk and RAM consumption as well as CPU usage.
  • Viruses, malware, and ransomware may all be detected before they reach your network thanks to centralized administration.
  • Perform network scans to identify problems before they become critical.
  • With custom scripting capabilities, you may build up the correct actions to activate the required tasks.


  • Pro: $79 per month per technician
  • Growth: $119 per month per technician
  • Power: $149 per month per technician

3. Kaseya VSA

best rmm software

Image Source:  KaseyaVSA

Kaseya VSA has more than 100,000 users who rely on it to meet their business needs.Eliminating inefficiencies in IT systems administration becomes a reality with Kaseya VSA.

You can also use the correct tools to optimize your entire company. The program gives you a single, consolidated view of all your linked devices, even if they’re all around the world.

Kaseya VSA overcomes typical tool fragmentation difficulties by allowing you to swiftly monitor, update, troubleshoot, and resolve network-wide issues.

Kaseya VSA is one of the greatest products on the market right now if you’re looking for a tool that works in all environments – cloud, on-premise, or hybrid – and supports all types of devices.

Kaseya VSA is one of the greatest products on the market right now if you’re looking for a tool that works in all environments – cloud, on-premise, or hybrid – and supports all types of devices.

Key Features:

  • Execute the appropriate operations on all endpoints throughout your entire network – whether physical or virtual – from a single, easy interface.
  • To simplify operations, manage all devices remotely utilizing a single-pane-of-glass console.
  • With the ability to prioritize alerts by severity, you can close tickets faster.
    Patch all devices in their network quickly and easily from a single terminal.
  • Use their security barrier to identify and repel cyber threats, ensuring that any security concerns are addressed before they become more serious.


While no pricing is mentioned on their website, they offer a free 14-day trial to try out this software and its features.

4. Itarian

best rmm software

Image Source: Itarian

Itarian is a scalable RMM software for small enterprises that provides a full range of functionality.Itarian makes it possible to operate your business remotely in a secure and safe manner.The software includes a network device monitoring tool that works with both Windows and Mac workstations.

Itarian gives you the opportunity to resolve issues remotely with a service desk that makes ticket management more accessible and faster.

You may also swiftly apply fixes and upgrades to all devices in your network using its patch management module. Tight security protocols ensure that you can run a smooth IT environment without jeopardizing your company’s security.

Key Features:

  • Instantly control all of your enrolled devices from a single console.
  • All devices can be remotely monitored, updated, and maintained with minimal effort.
  • Copy and paste functions allow you to do operations on several devices from a single location.
  • Get access to detailed records of all your company’s actions.
  • You can control up to 50 devices without spending a dime.
  • Run scans on a regular basis to uncover security threats before they become serious.


You will not be charged anything until your organization has implemented more than 50 endpoints.

Then, after you exceed this threshold, you pay just $1.25 per endpoint.

5. Auvik

best rmm software

Image Source: Auvik

Auvik is an RMM management system that is hosted in the cloud. Auvik provides total access into your company’s IT infrastructure through an intuitive interface. If you want to detect and resolve issues before they escalate, Auvik promises to do just that.
It makes use of artificial intelligence to ensure that your complete IT environment is always up and operating.

You can control and monitor everything with secure network management, whether it’s on-premise or in the cloud.

Key Features:

  • Set up network monitoring and IT management software that is automated.
  • Reduce the number of difficulties with network performance monitoring that are difficult to solve.
  • Automate your company’s IT management.
  • View and act on the overall health of your network.
  • Track all network activities to make troubleshooting and IT asset management easier.


Auvik lets you sign up for a free account and then choose a payment plan as needed.

You also receive the following benefits with Auvik:

  • End-users are not limited.
  • There are no limits to how many network sites you can have.
  • Endpoints and devices are unlimited.
  • Support is unrestricted.
  • There are no monthly fees to pay.

6. RMM Central

best srm software

Image Source: RMMCentral

RMM Central allows you to identify and manage all network devices in your network that are connected to a single server. This is a cloud-based platform that can be set up without any client-side hardware or software installation.

RMM Central is also unique in that it is adaptable enough to fit into any IT environment, whether it is a small firm or a large corporation. You’re also not restricted to a single network device.

RMM Central allows you to monitor everything from firewalls and servers to wireless access points.

This allows you to simplify application management, debug difficult issues, and speed up day-to-day operations. RMM Central is strongly recommended if you also wish to monitor all of the relevant metrics from your network devices.

Key Features:

  • Without installing any hardware or software, you can remotely check the health of all wired and wireless devices from a single dashboard.
  • Keep an eye on all network devices’ important metrics to spot potential problems before they happen.
  • Create personalized reports for each customer, as well as preventative steps, to ensure your company’s protection against attacks.
  • Receive real-time alerts and notifications so you can respond quickly to any security concerns before they escalate.
  • Troubleshoot problems with programs, network traffic, bandwidth utilization, and other complicated issues.
  • Patch management services enable you to quickly distribute fixes and updates to all of your devices.


RMM Central is available to download for free and use for a 30-day trial period.

7. RemotePC


Image Source: RemotePC

RemotePC enables you to provide remote assistance to your customers. With a simple but very effective design, this software solution offers to centralize all of your needs.

You have the ability to administer and maintain any client connected to the Internet. When used as your own RMM solution, you may connect remotely to any of your customers, regardless of whether you are working from home or on a business trip.

With total control over your customers’ computers, this software solution may be utilized for either PC administration or remote help.

Print papers, manage files, transfer files, and more by using a collaborative interface.

Key Features:

  • Multiple users on a single computer enables the appropriate team to operate concurrently on the same client-side computer.
  • Access through web browser enables you to communicate with your customers from almost any location.
  • A performance viewer that operates at 60 frames per second makes it simple to monitor your systems and get a sense of how they are performing.
  • Platform independence enables you to operate with this RMM solution on a Windows PC, a Mac, or a Linux-based system.
  • A scalable plan enables you to add workstations as your company expands.


There are special offers when it comes to first-year prices, as follows:

  • Consumer: $29.62 per month
  • SOHO: $44.62 per month
  • SOHO: $59.62 per month
  • Team: $224.62 per month
  • Enterprise: $449.62 per month

What Is RMM Software?

Many network and systems management capabilities are available through remote monitoring and management software applications, which enable remote access to client systems and tools.

Remote access can be accomplished in a variety of methods, such as through live control sessions or by providing a pre-recorded program to the controlled system. To handle updates and new installations, RMM software usually works in conjunction with other remote management tools such as patch management/distribution software.

Remote access tools, which are used to control client systems remotely, can be implemented using a range of technologies, including Windows Active Directory, SSH, and Remote Desktop Protocol, among others.

In contrast to remote administration software, remote monitoring software focuses on the capacity to monitor conditions on managed systems. Many managed service companies rely on remote monitoring tools to ensure that the systems they support remain operational.

When evaluating or executing an outsourcing model with an MSP, this tool can provide network managers with improved peace of mind. RMM tools come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so what one firm requires in RMM software may be different from what another requires.