Do you use asset management software? Asset monitoring is a difficult but necessary component of every company. If you do not monitor the assets of your firm, you expose yourself to a plethora of possible financial loss, tax, and legal difficulties.

However, keeping track of all of these assets is not always straightforward. You have a plethora of software in your firm for monitoring assets, cash, and costs. To mention a few, there is tax software, legal software, accounting software, and invoicing software, among others.

Additionally, there are so many different asset classes available now that monitoring them becomes complicated. Fortunately, there are a variety of asset management solutions available that may simplify your life.

To assist you in doing this, here is a list of the top asset management software available this year.

What Is The Best Asset Management Software?

Let’s find out.

1. MMSoft Pulseway

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Image Sourcev: MMSoft Pulseway
MMSoft Pulseway is a cloud-based remote asset management solution that is particularly adept at monitoring and managing mobile assets. One way in which it differs from other IT asset management software is that it places a premium on mobile compatibility. This mobile-first strategy enables you to carry out all administrative tasks associated with asset management from the convenience of any mobile device. Additionally, as is expected of a mobile-first platform, the UI and UX are clean and intuitive. The program enables you to effortlessly get remote desktop access, troubleshoot cloud-based servers, and even manage non-Windows activities. Additionally, it gives real-time status reports on the availability of assets and their use.

Key Features:

  • All IT assets are monitored, managed, and troubleshooted.
  • Engine for network discovery and deployment that is simple to use.
  • Customized notifications aid in the rapid identification of problems.
  • Auto-remediation engine with considerable power.
  • Intuitive user interface with intelligent triggers.
  • Dedicated patch management tool for software.
  • Reporting module that may be customized
  • Numerous integrations.


  • Monthly Plan starting from $55/month
  • Yearly Plan starting from $39/month
  • Three-year Plan starting from $35/month

2. Asset Panda

asset management software
Image Source: AssetPanda

Asset Panda can assist you in achieving your objectives of tracking physical assets through barcodes or digital assets in real time. This highly scalable asset management application enables you to design bespoke processes for automating the management of assets and associated data.

The product is completely cloud-based and is appropriate for businesses of any size and sector. Additionally, it is totally customizable to match the needs of any organization. Asset Panda manages everything from inventories to multi-location asset management.

Additionally, you have the power to add rich media to your asset data records when you use it. Additionally, it has built-in reporting tools that may be adjusted to meet your specific requirements. The main negative is that it has a somewhat high learning curve, but once you get beyond that, it’s a joy to use.

Key Features:

  • Allows for integrated asset management.
  • Customizable reporting capabilities.
    Provides a holistic view of your asset landscape.
  • Help desk dedicated to client service.
  • Reports that are easily shared.
  • Asset monitoring and management are ubiquitous.
  • Custom workflows enhanced.
    Asset audit trails are extensive to ensure accountability.
  • Notifications tailored to each stakeholder level.
  • Improved security with role-based access control.
  • Attachments at the record level for quicker asset identification.
  • Barcode generator and scanner integrated.
  • Tracking software licensing is made simple.
  • Analyses of depreciation.


Asset Panda’s pricing structure is based on the number of assets you need to track. The minimum number of assets is 500, while the maximum number of assets is in multiples of 500. Plans begin at $125 per month and are invoiced yearly.

3. GoCodes

Augmented Reality Software
Image Source: GoCodes

GoCodes is a comprehensive solution for company owners that need to monitor physical assets such as tools. It enables the use of secure QR codes and asset tracking on a budget. Additionally, since it is so simple to set up, there is no reason why you cannot utilize it for all of your physical asset monitoring requirements.

GoCodes is fully web-based and can assist companies of any size with inventory monitoring and administration. Its use of QR code stickers that can be read and monitored using both computers and mobile phones makes it an obvious choice for any company.

The application enables you to categorize assets according to a variety of factors, including kind, sub-type, and serial number. You can keep track of who is interacting with the item and even build custom fields. Additionally, it is GPS-enabled, allowing you to monitor your assets in real time.

Key Features:

  • Multi-industry applicability.
  • User-friendly UI.
  • Patented QR tags.
  • Customized Bluetooth beacons.
  • Real-time GPS tracking via smartphone.
  • Cross-device usability.
  • Unique IDs for secure identification.
  • Easy tracking of consumables.
  • Secure audit history.
  • Automated field service requests.
  • Fully customizable reports.


  • Standard Plan at $450/year
  • Premium Plan at $810/year
  • Premium Elite Plan at $1500/year
  • Professional Plan at $2160/year
  • Enterprise Plan at custom rates

4. Ivanti Neurons For ITAM

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Image Source: Invanti

Ivanti Neurons IT Asset Management is an information technology asset monitoring solution that enables businesses to keep track of their IT assets and critical data points associated with them. It includes many pre-built reports that may be altered to fit your specific needs.

Enterprises and small and medium-sized organizations may build customized reports emphasizing critical data points with this feature-rich IT asset management system. It equips IT teams and departments with all of the necessary capabilities for tracking and managing both old and new assets.

Ivanti enables your IT professionals to monitor assets throughout their lifespan, assisting in asset identification and assisting with software licensing management and compliance. Additionally, since the program is built on the familiar Windows interface, it is simple to use and configure.

Key Features:

  • Optimization and visibility of all assets.
  • Workflows that can be customized.
  • Contributes to the management of hardware and software assets.
  • Financial control methods to rein in asset management expenditures.
  • Tracking the lifetime in a consistent manner.
  • Asset management system and product catalog.
  • Scan barcodes.
  • Insights on your assets in real time that you can act on.
  • Vendor management that is seamless.
  • Integration with service management systems is a breeze.
  • Both cloud-based and on-premise deployment options are available.
  • IT reporting through a dashboard
  • Automatism that is programmable.


Unlike the majority of the asset management products on our list, Ivanti chooses to keep its price plans under wraps. To get further information about price, you may request a bespoke quotation from the firm or contact sales.

5. AssetExplorer

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Image Source: AssetExplorer

To begin, I’d like to introduce you to AssetExplorer, a totally web-based IT asset management solution that enables you to monitor, track, and manage all IT assets throughout their lifespan. This is a must-have with a sophisticated toolbox, high-quality reporting, and support for both physical and intangible assets.

ManageEngine’s powerful asset tracking software includes a variety of tools and functions for managing all aspects of asset management. It offers inventory management, software licensing management, and compliance assessment capabilities.

The tool is simple to set up and use, while the interface’s many tabs and choices may look overwhelming at first. However, even if you’re a first-time user, you can effortlessly navigate around it thanks to the convenient Quick Links function.

Key Features:

  • Supports software as well as hardware asset management.
  • Auto-discovery of all network deployed IT assets.
  • Almost 50 predefined configuration types.
  • Easy to understand flash charts.
  • Detailed reports.
  • Purchase order workflows.
  • Fully compatible iOS and Android apps.
  • Easy to use Windows-style UI.
  • Around the clock technical support
  • VoIP support.


As is the case with the majority of software solutions these days, AssetExplorer operates on a subscription basis, with pricing varying according to the quantity of IT assets you need to manage. Prices begin at $955 for 250 IT assets and include a variety of add-ons, such as yearly maintenance and support expenses.

Additionally, you may request customized quotations from the firm or schedule an online demo. Additionally, you may obtain a 30-day free trial edition that has all features unlocked for testing purposes.

What Is Asset Management Software?

Asset management software is a collection of software solutions that enables you to maximize the efficiency of your assets while reducing the expenses associated with underutilization. These software applications assist you in obtaining a comprehensive perspective of your business’s asset environment.

Asset management software may assist you in maintaining an inventory of physical assets such as computers and intangible assets such as software. Additionally, it helps you to dispose of outmoded assets and replace them with new ones that meet your demands.