If you’re searching for the best AI talking head generator, you’ve come at the correct place.

As technology continues to advance, businesses must keep up with the most recent trends to remain competitive. This is especially true with regard to video marketing. Videos are a wonderful method to engage your audience and effectively convey your message. Creating high-quality videos can be time-consuming and costly, though. This is where video software that generates AI talking heads comes in. 

The cost of hiring actors, voice actors, sound engineers, and independent video editors can be quite high. In addition, the production of a single video can be time-consuming.

As a result, AI video generators are emerging on the market to assist businesses in creating training videos, explainers, demonstrations, induction videos, and more at significantly reduced costs using AI talking head avatars.

This article examines the best AI talking head generator video software and its business benefits.

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What Are the Best AI Talking Head Video Generator?

Here are the best AI talking head video generator for your movies.

Best AI Talking Head Generator

Image Source: Yepic

Yepic Studio is an AI-powered video creation platform that enables businesses of all sizes to effortlessly create videos with talking characters that are of professional quality. The platform provides a variety of customizable templates and styles, enabling users to create videos with dynamic AI avatars for a variety of purposes, including social media ads, product demonstrations, explainer videos, and more.

The intuitive interface and pre-built components of Yepic Studio make video creation uncomplicated and quick. You can use your own text, images, and video snippets to create a polished final product, and the platform’s AI technology will generate transitions and animations automatically.

Key Features:

  • Human Talking Heads – Generate in minutes AI videos with talking heads of various ethnicities.
    Multiple Languages & Voices – Yepic AI supports over sixty languages, one hundred and ten dialects, and over four hundred and eighty voices.
  • Multiple Languages & Voices – Yepic AI supports over sixty languages, one hundred and ten dialects, and over four hundred and eighty voices.
  • Talking Photos – It enables the creation of AI-based videos with conversing photographs. Choose from 50 profiles and filter by race, gender, and age. Even your own image can be uploaded.
  • Custom Talking Head – Construct a custom talking head with your or a teammate’s visage.


Yepic AI pricing comes in credits. Each credit equals one minute of video.

  • Standard (£24/mo) – 20 credits.
  • Plus (£66/mo) – 100 credits.
  • Premium (£249/mo) – 500 credits.

Unfortunately, there is no complimentary plan available from Yepic AI. The Standard plan, however, comes with a 14-day complimentary trial.

Best Free AI Content Generator

Image Source: DeepBrain

DeepBrain AI is an innovative platform that generates talking head recordings using AI technology concentrated on humans. The platform enables you to input text and generate an AI-powered talking head video with over 100 avatars speaking your text, providing a novel and engaging way to convey information. Compared to conventional text-to-speech techniques, this produces a more human-like effect.

DeepBrain is distinctive in that its artificial intelligence human avatars can imitate human speech and gestures. This feature makes the video appear more realistic, natural, and engaging. In addition, it contains a large number of Asian human representations, which can be advantageous for businesses targeting those markets.

DeepBrain AI also provides extensive customization options, allowing you to customize the appearance and speech patterns of the talking head to your precise specifications. This makes it an ideal solution for organizations that want to create engaging video demonstrations or explainers without requiring a professional camera and video editor.

Key Features:

  • Talking Head Videos – Generate videos with over 100 animated talking heads. You have the option of displaying only the cranium or the entire body.
  • Personalize Video – All avatars are capable of performing human-like actions.
    Professional Templates – When creating a video, you can utilize templates with a professional appearance.
  • Professional Templates – When creating a video, you can utilize templates with a professional appearance.
  • PowerPoint Integration – Upload your PowerPoint file and DeepBrain AI will convert each slide into an AI Studios scene.
  • Audio – Upload an existing audio file or create a new one within the app.
  • Images – Numerous free stock images and royalty-free music are included.
  • Subtitles – With DeepBrain AI, you need only upload your audio for subtitles to be automatically generated.
    Languages: 55 languages are supported.



  • 20 min/mo.
  • Access 11 avatars from different backgrounds.
  • 80+ languages/accents.
  • Export in a chroma key.
  • Change the avatar’s outfit and hairstyle.
  • And more.


  • Unlimited video creation with unlimited artificially intelligent talking characters.
  • Personalized talking heads Various premium services, including video editing and motion graphics.
  • 3D avatars.
  • Increased facial movements while speaking.
Best Free AI Content Generator

Image Source: Elai IO

Elai IO is a 2021-established AI text-to-video platform that generates high-quality videos without external tools or image equipment.

With Elai’s technology, you can create a variety of video genres, including instructional videos, online courses, real estate, dubbing, cartoon avatars, AI news production, and corporate films.

In addition, you are not limited to using human avatars; you can create and customize a mascot avatar that uses your words to convey the story of your company.

In addition, Elai IO enables you to translate your blog posts into 65+ languages and convert them into videos with a talking head of your choosing. Additionally, you can use your own voice with the application.

Key Features:

  • Talking Heads – Select from more than 25 avatars.
  • Cartoon Talking Heads – Make your mascot or cartoon speak and have fun!
  • Article to video Converter – Convert your blog posts and articles into narrated videos with the Article-to-Video Converter.
  • Elai App – The software can be integrated into Thinkific, enabling you to create AI-powered videos for your online course.
  • Voice Cloning – With the incorporation of Descript Overdub, you can clone your voice and use it to narrate any video.
  • Portrait Avatar – Using a smartphone or webcam, create a video avatar of yourself that is animated.
  • Studio Avatar – You can purchase and utilize a 4K studio-quality AI avatar in your videos.
  • Occasionally, identical duplicates of AI results were generated when new content was generated.


  • Free ($0) – 1 minute.
  • Basic ($23/mo) – Monthly minimum of 15 minutes. Access is available to all talking heads, languages, animations, and the article-to-video converter.
  • Advanced ($80/mo) – Beginning with 50 minutes per month. Adds access for five users and enables the use of premium accents and 4K video downloads.

Elai provides a 14-day free trial that can be accessed in 8 minutes, so be sure to try it out.

Best Free AI Content Generator

Image Source: Synthesia IO

Synthesia is a video creation platform powered by artificial intelligence that makes it simple to create talking head videos rapidly. Using deep learning technology, the platform generates realistic talking head avatars capable of delivering messages and facial expressions in multiple languages.

By uploading a script and selecting an avatar, you can create customized talking head videos with Synthesia. The video platform will then animate the avatar to speak the script, allowing you to create high-quality video content without an actor or videographer.

In addition to conventional talking head videos, Synthesia allows users to create personalized videos using a digital twin of a real individual. This enables you to create authentic and personalized video content for marketing while saving time and resources.

A standout feature is the ability to listen to your transcribed video, make the necessary changes, and refine it, with the AI automatically syncing with the changes—no need to upload your script again.

Key Features:

  • Talking Head Videos – Create your own talking head video using over sixty-five human avatars.
  • Customized Assets – Upload your brand’s assets, such as logos, fonts, colors, and audio.
  • Templates – Choose from more than fifty marketing campaign templates.
  • Use Cases – Utilize the software to construct your course, to add videos to your website and blogs, etc.
  • Screen Recorder – Record your screen within the AI video editor to create tutorials. You can then use your voice to animate the talking cranium.
  • Languages – Create your talking head video in over 60 different languages.
  • Custom Talking Head – For a fee, you can employ a custom avatar for your brand.


  • Personal Plan ($30/month) – 10 minutes per month with six slides per video. You have access to all avatars and templates, as well as background music, free stock images, and icons.
  • Corporate Plan – You receive 50 slides per video and an extended running time. For a customized quote, however, you must contact Synthesia’s customer service.
Best Free AI Content Generator

Image Source: Synthesys

Synthesys is a comprehensive artificial intelligence (AI) virtual media platform that employs talking head avatars and AI voice and video generators.

With over 70 male and female humatars and 140 languages, your video marketing efforts can be fully customized.

Virtual avatars from Synthesys can help you make your talking head video more engaging for your audience. As a one-stop-shop for marketing video content, this cloud-based video editor can transform your script into an engaging presentation.

Key Features:

  • Talking Head Generator – Generate a video of a talking head with 374 voices and 140 languages. Additionally, you can upload your voice to the software.
  • AI Voice Generator – Synthesis reads your script audibly using text-to-speech technology that generates a human-like voice. It provides a variety of male and female voices, tones, languages, and reading speeds, allowing you to enthusiastically create animated podcasts, welcoming greetings, documentary-style messages, tutorials, and radio advertisements.
  • AI Video Generator – Generate AI videos featuring human avatars using predefined templates or custom designs.


  • Human Studio Synthesys ($39/mo) – Get unlimited videos with all languages, voices, and avatars.
  • Audio Synthesys ($29/mo) – Generate unlimited realistic voice-overs in all languages.
  • Audio & Human Studio Synthesys ($59/mo) – Access both software with unlimited features and get 20% off.

What Are Talking Head Videos?

Talking head videos are a form of video content in which an individual addresses the camera directly. The term “talking head” refers to a shot that depicts only the head and shoulders of an individual, typically from the torso up.

Frequently, talking head videos are employed for a variety of purposes, including the delivery of news reports, interviews, presentations, seminars, and promotional messages. These videos provide the impression that the speaker is engaging in an intimate conversation with the viewer, resulting in a more engaging viewing experience.

With the advancement of AI technology, it is now possible to create talking head videos with digital avatars that imitate human movement and speech. This technology has made it simpler and more affordable for any business to create high-quality talking head videos without the need for a professional actor or expensive video equipment.