Daily content production increases in tandem with the growth and expansion of the Internet. With so much content being produced, it can be challenging for businesses and individuals to ensure that their content is unique and not plagiarized.Thankfully, there are a number of AI content detector tools available to detect and prevent plagiarism. 

In this article, we will examine some of the best AI content detector tools currently available and provide you with guidance on how to select the right one for your specific requirements.

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What Is The Best AI Content Detector?

Here are the best AI content detector options to consider.

Best AI Content Detector

Image Source: Originality.ai

Originality.ai is a content solution for web publishers with integrity. This instrument includes Team Management, Comprehensive Site Scanning, and Auto-Billing, among other features.

It also provides a sophisticated AI Writing Detection algorithm that identifies instances of plagiarism. The platform’s robust tools for administering teams and initiatives enable you to manage multiple sites simultaneously.

You can add an unlimited number of team members to your plan, ensuring that everyone has a login. Additionally, users can examine any number of websites for pennies per word, making it simple to get began.

Key Features:

  • Simple API facilitates the tool’s rapid integration into your existing environment.
  • Changes can also be tracked and monitored with the API.
  • Enter a URL and the website will be scanned for possible instances of plagiarism or suspicious use of AI writing tools.
  • Utilize the robust team management features to manage multiple websites efficiently and effectively.


Originality. AI costs $0.01 per credit.

One credit equals 100 words, so the cost to scan a 10,000-word document would be $100.

Best AI Content Detector

Image Source: Writer.com

Writer.com eliminates all of the hassles associated with content creation, allowing you to focus on what truly matters – creating excellent content. With its user-friendly templates, Writer has you covered whether you need a website article or a social media advertisement.

Writer.com also provides a variety of additional features designed to distinguish your content. For instance, their automated keyword module ensures that your texts contain pertinent keywords for a higher ranking in search engine results pages (SERPs).

Additionally, it features an AI detector that assigns a human content score to each text you compose. Although the AI detection tool has a word limit of 350, it is available for use without charge.

Key Features:

  • CoWrite enables teams to collaborate with multiple writers and editors on articles, blog posts, and other content categories.
  • ReWrite provides automated detection of plagiarism and corrections to writing style.
  • When artificial intelligence is detected, text can be highlighted for clarification.
  • Style guide documentation permits businesses to document their unique writing style within the application.
  • Terminology management enables teams to ensure consistency throughout their entire body of content.


For five members, the Team plan costs $18 per month.

The platform also provides an Enterprise plan, with pricing based on the platform’s specific requirements.

content at scale

Image Source: Content At Scale

Content at Scale provides a free AI content detection utility that can be applied to your content. Paste in your content, and the AI will analyze it to generate content based on artificial intelligence.

Content at Scale provides an AI-powered writing tool that revolutionizes the way businesses generate content. In minutes, this instrument can generate several thousand-word blog posts.

In addition, you need not fear about expensive penalties because this technology generates high-quality articles free of plagiarism and other errors. With its advanced SEO-optimization capabilities, Content At Scale offers businesses a simple and cost-effective way to gain topical authority quickly.

The tool also incorporates a table of contents and excerpts that make it simple for readers to rapidly locate the required information.

Key Features:

  • The finalized product, designed for SEO content marketers, improves your search engine rankings.
  • A suite of proprietary AI engines that utilize natural language processing (NLP) to produce high-quality content in minutes.
  • Include a Tweet box and key insights at the conclusion of each post to help readers rapidly grasp the main points.
  • Checklist for ensuring that your page’s content is SEO-friendly and optimized for maximal exposure.


The AI detection tool is free to use.

The AI detection instrument is available at no cost. Content At Scale’s pricing programs for content creation range from $500 to $1,500 per month.

copyleaks homepage

Image Source: Copyleaks AI

Copyleaks AI provides deep web scanning capabilities and a comprehensive database to accurately evaluate any verified content.

Copyleaks employs a text analysis system propelled by artificial intelligence algorithms to analyze documents, raw text, code, and URLs for potential instances of plagiarism.

The platform searches across 60 trillion websites, 15,000+ academic journals, 20+ code data repositories, and 1,000,000+ internal documents to identify content similarities.

Copyleaks also allows users to easily integrate their software with existing systems. The API integrations of any learning management system are straightforward to configure.

Key Features:

  • Copyleaks for Education assists professors and instructors in detecting instances of plagiarism in student papers or assignments.
  • Copyleaks for Work can assist organizations in preventing the illicit use or redistribution of their proprietary content by rivals.
  • Copyleaks for Students & Individuals can provide dependable proofreading services for written assignments.
  • Copyleaks employs sophisticated encryption algorithms to safeguard all content examined on their platform and adhere to the strictest industry standards for managing sensitive information.


Copyleaks provides a free 10-page trial plan so that you can evaluate the features and determine if the service is suitable for you.

Then, a 1,200-page plan is available for $9.16 per month when invoiced annually, a 16% savings over the monthly plan.

Best AI Content Detector

Image Source: GLTR

GLTR (a.k.a. gigantic language model test room) was developed by the MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab and Harvard NLP. It employs forensic analysis of text to determine whether or not it is authentic.

In essence, GLTR employs an algorithm based on the contextual likelihood of each term.

The system allocates background colors – green (Top 10 words), yellow (Top 100 Words), red (Top 1000 Words), and violet otherwise – so that users can easily identify content that is artificial.

This method enables the user to determine whether a text was constructed from pre-existing sources or generated using AI techniques. However, because GLTR was trained on GPT-2, this instrument is more scientific and academic than practical.

Key Features:

  • Verify the authenticity of your writing and the originality of your work.
  • Textual forensic analysis distinguishes between authentic and forged documents.
  • Changing the background color in real-time to identify fabricated content.
  • An interactive visualizer displaying every word used in the text.


GLTR is free to use.

What Is An AI Content Detector?

A software powered by artificial intelligence (AI) that can detect plagiarism and artificial content generation is an AI Content Detector.

Using natural language processing (NLP), an AI content detection tool analyzes the text and compares it to extant sources, such as published articles, databases, and other websites.

In order to provide an accurate evaluation of the text, AI detection tools can identify similar phrases and structures as well as replicated terms.

Once the tool identifies a potential duplicate, these tools can generate comprehensive reports that include the AI-generated content’s sources.

This information helps determine which components are authentic and which are not.